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Summer Games Done Quick schedule includes blindfolded Trackmania

July's speedrunning schedule is revealed

Charity speedrunning bonanza Summer Games Done Quick has revealed the schedule for July's week-long event, and it looks like another good'un. Along with many old favourites, the livestreamed show will include Dragon Age: Inqusition in under an hour, a perfect score on GeoGuessr, a Factorio run, and maybe someone playing Trackmania Nations Forever while blindfolded.

See all the games on the schedule. PC playables coming up include FromSoftware's presidential mech game Metal Wolf Chaos XD, Psychonauts, goblin stealth game Styx: Shards Of Darkness, the fabulous Bayonetta, the Penumbra trilogy, crustractean brawler Fight Crab (don't worry, our Nate is well aware of this game), first-person parkour 'em up Ghostrunner, Doom Eternal's expansion, Dark Souls 3, and sandbox heist game Teardown. I'm always impressed by the tricks people pull in Teardown's destrucible world, so I'm quite looking forward to that.

I did briefly suspect the listing for 30 minutes of Trackmania Nations Forever was a big prank, and runner "Wirtual" might be playing those amazing 'press forward' custom maps where designers build intricate tracks which bump you through wild stunts at top speed to reach the end only by holding accelerate. But no, he's really been running Trackmania blindfolded:

Watch on YouTube

Trackmania is always a game about repeating a run until it lives in your fingers, but it's certainly a lot easier to be sure of that when you can see. And that's even more impressive to me than the more-common blindfolded runs of 2D platformers. Technically Wirtual's Trackmania section is on the schedule a bonus game, so folks will need to donate enough for it to happen but GDQ viewers are always generous. The pageantry and good times have seen past GDQ events raise over $31 million (about £22m) in total for several charities. Summer Games Done Quick will this year benefit an old favourite, Doctors Without Borders.

Summer Games Done Quick will run July 4-11th. It streams live on Twitch then individual runs are usually soon split into videos on YouTube.

For more speedrun fun, see the Awesome Games Done Quick highlights Imogen picked out from January's event.

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