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Summer Games Done Quick starts tomorrow

With Dragon Age Inquisition to kick it off

Speedrun stream bonanza Summer Games Done Quick, or SGDQ, kicks off tomorrow. If you've not watched before, it's a days-long livestream in which different people complete games as rapidly as possible to aid charity. There are always some gems among the runs, as players find ways to complete games that would normally take dozens of hours in just a few dozen minutes.

Among the promising games on this year's schedule is blindfolded Trackmania, fabulous smash-and-grab sim Teardown, and the Half-Life remake Black Mesa. I'm also particularly interested in the opening game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, because massive RPGs are always among the most fun to watch broken apart.

Last year's SGDQ managed to raise $2.3 million for Doctors Without Borders. As a whole the event has raised over $31 million (around £22.4 million) for charity. This year's summer event is set up to benefit Doctors Without Borders again.

The original Quake Done Quick was the first encounter I ever had with speedrunning, back in 1997. I probably watched it because it was included on a PC Gamer coverdisc or similar. The form has come a long way since, but completing Quake in under 20 minutes is still entertaining to watch now.

For exaxctly how for speedruns have come, here's last year's Half-Life Alyx VR speedrun:

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