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Swery's The Good Life finally fetches a launch date for October

I do enjoy an immersive debt repayment simulation

Small towns always seem to have secrets afoot and it's no different in The Good Life. This mystery adventure led by Hidetaka 'Swery' Suehiro of Deadly Premonition fame has been publicly kicking about for a while now. It's dug up a date at last, proudly fetching us back an October 15th launch. That's when you'll be headed to the British countryside to photograph your way out of debt and try to learn the secrets of the town where everyone turns into animals.

"The Good Life is a captivating adventure game in which you play as Naomi, a New York-based photographer who has just arrived in the small British town of Rainy Woods with a specific job at hand—to discover the truth behind this place known as the 'happiest town in the world'," White Owls say. "Race against the clock tracing multiple leads and solve mysteries as a human, a cat, or a dog!" You can spot all that animal-based shennannigans in the thorough new trailer right here.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Good Life Release Date Announcement Trailer (English)

All the while, you'll be exploring the town of Rainy Woods harvesting crops, discovering outfits, trying out recipes and all. Oh yes, and selling photographs to pay off your debts while trying to solve this wacky animal mystery of course. Also you can ride a sheep, which I assume is the primary mode of transportation in the British countryside.

After being talked about for several years, falling short on its first crowdfunding campaign, and then succeeding on the second one, it's good to see The Good Life nearing that finish line.

If you need more, Brendy Caldwell chatted with Swery back in 2018 about progress on The Good Life, how no cats are evil, and social media inspirations.

The Good Life is coming to PC on October 15th on Steam along with the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.

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