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Dungeons & Dragons & Co-op: Sword Coast Legends


Brawls! Ghouls! Fifth Edition rules! Oh, what a lively place that Sword Coast is! So vibrant. It's got real character. Of course, in a few years it'll be filled with brunch venues, bars that are also vintage clothes shops, market stalls selling £4 scotch eggs, and young people. Get in while you can, before people like you change it forever. Perhaps take a visit in Sword Coast Legends [official site].

Announced last night, it's a Dungeons & Dragons RPG set in that corner of the Forgotten Realms so popular with games like Baldur's Gate. It'll support co-op for up to four adventurers, and let another play as Dungeon Master too.

Yes, trouble is afoot on the Sword Coast again, and it's up to your gang to chat to some things and to murder some other things until the problems stop. With a smidgen more nuance, perhaps. It's "based on" D&D's Fifth Edition ruleset, with different classes and races and pausable real-time combat and quests and whatnot. You know: a D&D RPG.

Along with a singleplayer campaign, it'll offer co-op for up to four, and a mode where someone else can play as the Dungeon Master creating adventures. Details are hazy, but it looks like DM Mode can be used as a regular old level editor making levels to share, and as a multiplayer mode where the DM fiddles in real-time too. I think. Something like that, anyway.

Sword Coast Legends is coming via Steam later this year at $39.99 (£26-ish). It's made by n-Space, a studio who mostly work with ports and portables, in collaboration with Warframe developers Digital Extremes. Here, have an announcement trailer:

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