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Swords: Shadow Warrior Swordleasing In Swordtember

I enjoyed a recent demo of Shadow Warrior so much that I done maded one of them there vidya-trons about it. The first-person slasher drew me in for a lot of reasons: swords, wise-cracks, swords, swords, car-aoke versions of The Touch, swords, cutting monsters with swords, swords, s-words, and swords. And now, publisher Devolver Digital has sliced the game to ribbons and assembled a video of its own from the remains. The reason? To announce a release date, of course. And also swords.

Good, clean fun, right? Despite only being a bit over a minute long, this trailer is pretty indicative of the full game, too. There's lots of slashing, a fair amount of shooting, and enemies teem as though enraged, katana-wielding fire ants. It's not entirely mindless, though. A Bulletstorm-like point system grades your every move, and it encourages variety, creativity, and, er, sadism.

Shadow Warrior will be out on September 26th. That makes sense, given that the demo I played was a) quite long and b) fairly polished. Personally, I'm still worried that the blender blitzkrieg pacing might wither and end up succumbing to Hard Reset syndrome, but we'll see. The game's pleasantly surprised me so far. Here's hoping it's in for the long haul.

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