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Sylvanas Heroes Of The Storm Trailer, Ability Info

Why have you FORSAKEN me

Blizzard have ruined my "I'll only post about Heroes of the Storm [official site] once today" plan by releasing the official trailer for upcoming character, Sylvanas Windrunner.

Sylvanas Windrunner, Queen of ALL ABS ALL THE TIME the Forsaken, was a known quantity in that she's been a confirmed HotS character since BlizzCon 2014 - I thought she'd been mentioned at a previous Blizzcon too, back when it was called Blizzard DOTA (I'm trying to find the bit in the panel video at the moment) - but there hadn't been any detail on how she plays until the developer's 2015 PAX East panel.

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If the nitty gritty of what she does isn't important to you, the bottom line is that she's a ranged DPS-y character, good for sieging and with an option to subvert enemy pushes. For the more detail-oriented there's the following:

Her Q ability is Withering Fire - it's rapid arrow fire for burst damage which, looking at the video, doesn't need you to be actively firing and targeting to use. Instead it looks more like a mini version of Valla's strafe talent.

W is Shadow Dagger which does light damage to its initial target, then damage over time which spreads to nearby units, so good for wave clearance and against teamfight-y enemies.

Watch on YouTube

Bound to E is Haunting Wave which sends out a wave of damaging banshees which Sylvanas can teleport to by hitting E again. It's similar to Illusory Orb - an ability from Dota 2's Puck and looks like it offer similar repositioning, escape and chase options.

Her heroic abilities are Wailing Arrow - an explosive arrow that deals area of effect damage and silences enemy heroes for a few seconds - and Possession which forces an enemy minion or mercenary to fight for you. The cooldown on the latter is linked to the strength of what you choose to possess.

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