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Tacoma Is The New Game From The Makers Of Gone Home

My-my-my-my tacoma.

Another first-person walking simulator in which you play a person in a coma? Oh n-- Wait. In Tacoma - and from The Fullbright Company, those who made Gone Home. Tacoma reveal trailer suggests a similar style, but this time you will be playing as a female astronaut tasked with exploring the eponymous lunar transfer station.

Cover image for YouTube videoFullbright presents: Tacoma

The minute-and-a-half-long clip doesn’t reveal much, but what can be seen of Tacoma is lovely indeed: a gold space structure that has just a tinge of Rapture in its genetic history. There’s a thoughtful loneliness to the video that makes me think about Gone Home too, although that could just be confirmation bias. Either way, information is currently very scant but what little is known seems succulent indeed. According to a blog post, the developers will be looking to solve the "problems of how story exploration gameplay works in microgravity." Tacoma will also be exploring a near-future timeline where an extraterrestrial structure of this nature might exist. It will examine what such a location might look like, and how its inhabitants deal with being stuck where no one can hear you scream, "I'm bored, damn it."

Gone Home’s deeply personal narrative was its biggest strength. It was a story about home, about the people we know, and the people we hear about in the news. That made it a story we can empathize with, and something rare within videogames. With Tacoma, I’m praying we’ll see shades of that again, broadened to encompass a space-faring crew and the tribulations of living so far away from home.

Tacoma is scheduled for a 2016 release.

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