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Here’s where you can actually buy an RTX 3080 right now

The RTX 3080 went on sale yesterday for seemingly all two minutes before it vanished into a puff of broken websites, out of stock stickers and ludicrous Ebay scalpers. Many retailers are still struggling to cope with demand, too - indeed, Newegg have said that they experienced more traffic than the morning of chuffin' Black Friday yesterday, and that their entire RTX 3080 inventory sold…

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Set tails a waggin’ with Humble’s You Can Pet The Dog bundle

The Can You Pet The Dog Twitter account is quite possibly one of the greatest forces for good in the history of games, especially now it's spawned its own Humble Bundle. The Humble You Can Pet The Dog Bundle runs from now until Thursday October 1st, and contains eight games of dog petting goodness, plus two soundtracks, all for £9 / $12. You also get…

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SSD deals of the week – 15th September 2020

If it feels like your PC is constantly running out of storage space, then it might be time to buy another SSD, and to help you get the best deals on today's best SSDs for gaming, we've rounded up all the cheapest prices going on in the UK and US. This week, there have been some pretty good deals on various WD drives, including the…

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This 1TB WD Blue SSD is down to just $95 right now

Good news, 1TB SSD hunters. Newegg have slashed $35 off the excellent WD Blue 3D NAND SSD today, taking this normally $130 bit of SATA storage down to a very agreeable $95, making it quite a bit cheaper than what you'll find over on Amazon US right now. It's also better value than the new Samsung 870 Qvo right now, too, making this a great…

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Save $1300 on this RTX 2080-powered Asus gaming laptop

There have been a spate of pretty good deals on Asus gaming laptops over the past few months, and this latest one from Newegg is well worth a look if you're after an RTX 2080 powered laptop on the cheap. The laptop in question is the super slim Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX531, and one of my biggest complaints when I reviewed it last year…

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Best budget gaming laptop deals of the week – 14th September 2020

It can be tricky finding a good gaming laptop for under £1000 / $1000 these days, so to help you find one that can still play games to a reasonable degree, we’ve put together this list of all the best budget gaming laptop deals you can buy right now. Having sifted through as many laptop deals as I can find, the ones we've picked out…

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Graphics card deals of the week – 14th September 2020

As we prepare for launch of the RTX 3080 on Thursday, here's one final look to see if there are any last minute graphics card deals worth snapping up. On the Nvidia side of things, you probably shouldn't buy anything from an RTX 2070 upwards from now on, as even really good graphics card deals aren't going to offer nearly the same kind of performance…

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These 16GB Corsair RAM kits are down to £54 / $60 right now

It is another week in the year 2020, which must mean there's yet another deal on Corsair's excellent Vengeance LPX RAM. Indeed, if you head over to Amazon right now, you can nab a 16GB RPS Rig-approved kit clocked at a very nippy 3600MHz for just £54 / $60 at the moment, which are some of the lowest prices I've seen for this particular speed…

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Get five Tropico games for just £9 in Humble’s Totally Tropico bundle

Stepping into the shoes of a power hungry dictator might feel a little close to home when your own real-life government is boasting about breaking international law at the moment, but at least Humble's new Totally Tropico bundle might provide a few laughs along the way. Running from now until September 29th, Tropicos 1-5 are up for grabs here, along with a bunch of DLC…

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CPU deals of the week – 8th September 2020

With next-gen graphics cards on the way, you may be thinking it's about time you upgraded your CPU as well. Fortunately, we're here to help, as we've rounded up all of the best and cheapest CPU deals from around the web in both the UK and US. Whatever type of PC you're looking to build, you'll find all the best prices for our top gaming…

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Get Elite Dangerous for £7 in Humble’s Super Simulaton bundle

It's been pretty quiet on the Humble Bundle front lately, but those bundle fiends are finally back with a new Super Simulation Bundle that gets you the likes of Elite Dangerous, theHunter: Call Of The Wild, PC Building Simulator and more for a total of £11 / $15. Running from now until September 17th, here's how it works.

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Loads of Razer Blade 15 laptops are up to £300 / $400 off right now

One of the biggest discounts that's come out of Intel's Gamer Days promotion is up to £300 / $400 on Razer's Blade 15 laptop. There have been loads of different models on sale over the past couple of days across a wide variety of UK and US retailers, so I thought I'd gather together all the very best deals from across the web into one…

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Nvidia’s RTX 3000 GPUs will come with Watch Dogs Legion and a year of GeForce Now for free

If the comparatively low prices of the new Nvidia Ampere RTX 3000 graphics cards weren't already enough to tempt you into upgrading your GPU this year, then Nvidia's freshly-announced RTX 3000 bundle will no doubt sweeten the deal further. I mean, RTX 2080 Ti-level performance for £469 / $499 on the RTX 3070 is already a tantalising proposition, I must admit, but anyone who buys…

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Scan’s stylish Core i7, RTX 2070 Super desktop is £150 off right now

Intel's Gamer Days deals continue this week with discounts aplenty across a whole range of retailers, and the next one I wanted to highlight is this gaming desktop deal from Scan UK. They've currently slashed £150 off their 3XS Arctic Evo RTX PC, taking this normally £1650 desktop down to £1500. Inside, you get one of Intel's brand-new Core i7-10700K CPUs as well as an…

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Save $800 on this Core i7, RTX 2060 Super desktop right now

Intel are holding their annual Gamer Days deals bonanza at the moment, and there are buckets of savings to be had on all manner of Intel-based desktops, laptops and processors. Running from now until September 6th, I'm still working my way through all the many hundreds of deals on offer, but this one from Newegg immediately caught my eye. It's an Intel Core i7-10700K and…

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Get 50% off Doom Eternal in Gamesplanet’s Gamescom sale

The deals train is in full swing today, as Gamesplanet are also holding a big Gamescom sale this weekend. The biggest deals are on a bunch of Bethesda games, with a massive 50% off Doom Eternal and Fallout 76, as well as flash deals on loads more. Alas, the Bethesda deals are only available to those buying in Europe (which thankfully still includes the UK),…

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Humble’s End of Summer sale has begun, with C&C Remastered Collection for a mere £6

As August draws to a close, it can only mean one thing. Summer is officially over, and Autumn is on its way - and Humble are holding an End of Summer Sale to celebrate. Running from now until September 10th, Humble have sliced up to 90% off loads of games, and there are literally dozens upon hundreds of thousands to choose from. Here are some…

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Our favourite wired Logitech gaming keyboard is £50 off today

The Logitech G915 Lightspeed Wireless is one of my favourite gaming keyboards of all time, but its almost identical wired sibling, the G815 Lightsync, comes a very close second. It's the keyboard I've had on my desk for months now, mostly because it has the added bonus of USB passthrough for my mouse - and the good news is that it's £50 off over at…

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