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Feature: And which one should you buy?

Nvidia RTX 2070 Super vs 2080 Super: How much faster is Nvidia’s new 4K graphics card?

Nvidia's RTX 2080 Super card is finally here. Offering superior speeds for roughly the same price as the original RTX 2080, the RTX 2080 Super is pretty much the 4K graphics card to beat right now outside of Nvidia's crazy expensive RTX 2080 Ti - especially as it currently has no real competition from the likes of AMD right now, either. In fact, its closest…

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Feature: Reap what ye explode

Premature Evaluation: Nightmare Reaper

Hey, it’s me. I was gone for a while, but now I’m back. Back to prematurely evaluate some early access games, like an impatient baker wrenching open the door of an oven and plunging his fist into a molten ball of uncooked dough. Like an open heart surgeon dialling down the anaesthesia to wake his patient up while they’re still on the operating table, just…

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Teamfight Tactics guide – TFT tips

Teamfight Tactics's first beta pass period ends later today and that's not all that's happening around in TFT. There will be a patch dropping later that will likely change the meta once more, with Volibear presumably being a target for at least one of the changes. We're not expecting any new champions, but if you want to get into TFT, it can be daunting as…

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Feature: Super charged ray tracing

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super review: Faster 4K for no extra cost

It seems like an eternity has passed since the initial launch of Nvidia's RTX Super cards, but here we are at last with the final GPU in the trilogy, the RTX 2080 Super. It's still not the most powerful graphics card in Nvidia's RTX arsenal - that honour continues to be held by the RTX 2080 Ti - but compared to the rest of Nvidia's…

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Feature: Bet u I can eat this whole newspaper

The Deep End: a Zero Context Final Fantasy Diary – Part I: Prologue

It is the height of summer; a lush July evening, and a Friday to boot, with a free weekend stretched out before me like so much blue sky. I’m planning to spend plenty of the next two days outside, with my wife and daughter, enjoying fresh air, laughter and good food. But there’s a dark pit in this fruit of fun; a bitter kernel which…

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Teamfight Tactics items cheat sheet – TFT item recipes

Items are key in auto-battlers like Teamfight Tactics, but TFT's items are unique. They can be combined together give you perks for your champions, with some combinations being utterly ridiculous. There's also whole slew of item combinations that just give the champion another class. They're not all bad, but it's not obvious which ones are better than others.

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Feature: Tankster's paradise

Biotope could have been my dream aquarium simulator

Recently, my eleven month old daughter said her first word. She was pointing into the shimmery blue interior of the new aquarium in our bedroom, and she said “fish”. Unfortunately she was pointing out a shrimp, but hey - it’s the thought that counts. I was elated; much of my life has been consumed by an obsession with watery things, and aquariums in particular, thanks…

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Feature: Is there such a thing as too much Freeman?

Modder Superior: Sven Co-op

We've seen how much damage one theoretical physicist can do. Sven Co-op lets you unleash the vortex of chaos of a dozen Free Men (and women) upon Half-Life. Once just a mod enabling you to play the classic FPS with pals, it received Valve's blessings to go free and standalone on Steam in 2016, bundled with a free copy of the original Half-Life re-tooled for multiplayer.…

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Feature: Here's a good one: a Knight, a Troll, and a Dragon walk onto a board...

Dota Underlords builds [Mid-Season Update] – 6 best builds for winning matches

You've played your first few Dota Underlords matches, you have a sense of the heroes and the alliances and the items - and now all you're missing is the knowledge to combine all that stuff into a fantastic Dota Underlords build. Our Dota Underlords builds guide looks to solve this problem by exploring six of the very best builds in Dota Underlords heading into the…

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Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14

The first big update to Teamfight Tactics was released almost a week ago and it does introduce some rather drastic changes: A new champion, the introduction of ranked mode, UI updates, and the overhaul of how attack speed item buffs work. We've even seen a couple of hotfixes in-between patches, so there's a lot to cover. Below are the full patch notes complete with navigation…

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Teamfight Tactics gold strategy – interest and streaks

Managing gold is key to winning games of Teamfight Tactics. Without it, you won't be able to do all that much. With it, there are endless possibilities. You can't see how much gold your opponents have, you may notice that some players have a lot more shields on the right-hand side when you face them in battle. This is interest and it helps contribute to…

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Feature: No beefy graphics card required

Gears 5 graphics performance looks as slick as a well-oiled Lancer

Good news for anyone looking forward to playing Gears of War 5 later this year, as this weekend's multiplayer tech test has been showing some very promising results in the old graphics card performance department. I played a chunk of it yesterday and saw lots of lovely high frame rates from both my 6GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 and GTX 970 GPUs, showing you don't…

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Teamfight Tactics beta pass – TFT beta end times, weekly missions

With Teamfight Tactics's first beta period coming to an end and a second one looming, it's time to cash in and unlock some unique items. These extras are unlocked through the beta pass and if you're playing now, you have it already. We'll go over all of the ways to get more experience, as well as the rewards you can obtain per rank.

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Teamfight Tactics champions – TFT drop rates, classes and origins

Champions in Teamfight Tactics have all sorts of details about them. From the traits they share to when they appear in the shop, there's plenty to learn about each of them. We will be going over in detail how TFT handles shared traits and the rate at which either tier champion will appear in the shop.

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Feature: Pay attention to your Global Items, people!

Dota Underlords alliances tier list [Mid-Season Update] – the best alliances to build around

As if the 60 heroes weren't already enough, there are currently 23 different alliances in Dota Underlords, each with between 1 and 3 stages of power which you can use to augment your autobattling army. But it's not as simple as picking one or two alliances at the start of a match and collecting as many heroes of that type as possible; you have to…

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Feature: Tiger tiger burning bright, time to have a massive fight

Dwarf Fortress Diary: The Basement Of Curiosity Episode Twenty – Night of the Self-published Werepanda

Last time on the BoC: Having finally achieved her dream of a breeding pair of chimps, at the cost of making a trade deal with the elves go very, very bad, fort founder Lorbam has become… strange. Increasingly distrustful of the outside world, she has decreed that the whole settlement be moved underground, and at midwinter, the overworld gates of the Basement will be shut…

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Feature: The answers to all your questions on a single screen

Dota Underlords heroes [Mid-Season Update] – Dota Underlords cheat sheet of best heroes

Much like with Dota 2, the roster of Dota Underlords heroes is sublimely complex. With each hero sporting different alliances, abilities, and stats across three different levels, there's an awful lot to bear in mind while forming your army during a match. Do you pick heroes based on their potential alliances, or their high DPS, or their excellent group stun ability? How should you alter…

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Feature: Getting your money's worth

Dota Underlords gold guide [Mid-Season Update] – tips on how to make gold quickly

Learning about gold in Dota Underlords is integral to success. It seeps through all the other interlocked lattices of complexity in the game like a chocolate sauce through the layers of a crushed viennetta; and you'll need to understand all about how to create a bangin' economy if you're to have any hope of keeping pace with your opponents. Fortunately, this Dota Underlords gold guide…

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