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Feature: Why buy a new mouse when you can just change the switches?

Asus ROG Gladius II Core review

The Asus ROG Gladius II Core is probably one of the oddest gaming mice I've tested in a while. Its modest DPI range of just 200-6200 puts it firmly at the lower end of the gaming mouse spectrum, but its comparatively high price of £50 / $46 suggests otherwise. Indeed, its DPI range might not be as high as other mice in this kind of…

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Feature: Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Nuts review

In Nuts, you are a recent graduate who has been sent out into the woods to research squirrels. But the squirrels, needless to say, are not as they seem. Getting to the root of this forestry mystery involves putting down remote cameras during the day, and then reviewing the footage in your caravan by night, to see what the little fellows get up to after…

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Feature: Here's how to get into the greenhouse

Hitman 3 Dartmoor greenhouse key: how to get into the greenhouse

The Dartmoor level of Hitman 3 is easily a highlight of the series. You'll take on the role of a private investigator, and work out the solution to a good old locked-room mystery. To do this, you'll need to examine each area of the mansion with care, including the greenhouse out back. Problem is, the greenhouse is locked, with the key missing. To help you…

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Feature: Learn how to start a romantic relationship in Hades

Hades romance options: who can you romance in Hades, and how?

Hades does many things right, but it really excels when it comes to the characters of the underworld, and the relationships you can strike up with them. The idea that you can pursue a romance in a roguelite sounds ridiculous, but in Hades this is very much an option. If you're interested in plumbing the depths of particular relationships, then our Hades romance guide will…

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Feature: 'Acquire admin privileges' is a pretty vague instruction.

Hitman 3 server room: how to acquire admin privileges

In the Dubai mission in Hitman 3, you might need to go into the server room in order to rearrange the meetings of your targets and get them alone in a room. However, a bit of the mission I got stuck on is the part where you have to acquire admin privileges in the server room. Here’s how to acquire admin privileges during the How…

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Feature: The Movie: The Game: The Quiz

Mystery Steam Reviews goes to the movies

Video Game Land was pretty quiet until LucasFilm Games popped up and decided to announce they were working with Bethesda on an Indiana Jones game, and then, only a day later, they said they’d partnered with Ubisoft for an open-world Star Wars game. Licensed video games are back, baby.Loads of people are missing their cinema fix at the minute, so we decided to celebrate film…

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Feature: All the Dubai missions for Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 Dubai walkthrough: all mission stories in How the Mighty Fall

The first mission in Hitman 3 - Dubai - has three ‘Mission Stories’ available to you. Some bits and pieces are less self-explanatory than we might like though, so we’ve put together a nice, easy, step-by-step guide on how to complete them. Just follow these steps and you’ll be able to complete all mission stories in Hitman 3’s Dubai level.

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Feature: Ask yourself not 'can?', but 'why?'

How hard is it to make your video game dog pettable?

Dogs. We all love to pet them. And in the game. And thanks to the Twitter account Can You Pet The Dog?, we know where to find them. Pettable dogs where they weren’t before can make gaming news. But of course, "can you pet the dog?" is only one question. "Why can you pet the dog?" is quite another. I spoke to some indie developers…

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Feature: The best animals

Have you played… Planet Zoo?

It was a real surprise to me when Planet Zoo started to truly click. It doesn't happen often, with games this high on the complexity ladder. There's such an incredible amount of stuff to learn about Planet Zoo, not just about the running of the zoo itself and the needs and desires of every animal, but also the remarkably powerful building tools available to the…

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Feature: And which one is right for you?

Nvidia RTX 3070 vs 3060 Ti: how do they compare?

Nvidia's new RTX 3070 and RTX 3060 Ti GPUs may still be impossible to get hold of right now, but if you've been thinking about upgrading your graphics card recently and aren't sure which one to go for when they eventually come back in stock, then you're in the right place. To help you decide which graphics card is the right one for you, I've…

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Feature: Hide in shadows

The Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 125: the best sneakings in games special

Welcome once again, gentle listener, to the Electronic Wireless Show podcast. This week's episode demands that you tread carefully and quietly, in case you disturb Nate, or awaken the Ken Loach he has trapped in a shipping container in his garden, for we are discussing the best sneakings in games. Our favourite stealthy-me-dos. We also bring you a long tangent about zoos, a brief discussion…

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Feature: How to get (and use) the Rod of Fishing

Hades fishing guide: how does fishing work, and which fish can you catch?

Hades is packed with far more content than you might expect, even for a roguelite. There's romance, there's decorating, and - perhaps most exciting of all - there's a fishing minigame where you can catch all sorts of underwater underworld inhabitants and sell them for valuable items and resources.Our Hades fishing guide will walk you through how to get the Rod of Fishing and use…

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Feature: Making Ichi-bank

The joy of being a benevolent capitalist in Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Hong Kong has a popular snack chain called Aji Ichiban. Despite the name, it’s not actually Japanese, but I do recall going to these stores a lot whenever my family and I visited, where we’d fill our suitcases with its giant pack range of Chinese pork jerky and dried mangos.Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s Ichiban Confections is also a snack shop, albeit one that specialises in…

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Feature: I... DRINK... YOUR... (space) MILKSHAKE!

Have You Played… Offworld Trading Company?

OK, I know this is my second Have You Played…? to find an excuse to start by talking about Age Of Empires 2, and I imagine Alice Bee is making a proper wolf noise out of frustration as she edits this. I am almost sorry. But like a smug schoolboy proclaiming he’s "home" in a game of "it" by touching a tree, I've got a…

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Feature: Strengthen your relationships with Nectar and Ambrosia

Hades Ambrosia & Nectar guide: how to get Nectar and Ambrosia quickly

Having played a fair bit of the godlike roguelite that is Hades, you may have found yourself wondering where you can get your hands on more Nectar, or even Ambrosia, Nectar's rarer and more valuable cousin. Both these resources play a large part in forming deeper relationships with the various characters of the underworld. So in this guide to Ambrosia and Nectar in Hades, we'll…

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Feature: Learn how God Mode and Hell Mode work in Hades

Hades God Mode and Hell Mode: how to make the game easier or harder

If you've sunk any time at all into Hades, the magnificent roguelite from Supergiant Games (and our favourite game of 2020), you'll know by now that it's a pretty challenging game. But one size does not fit all, and Supergiant have given you the ability to make the game either easier or harder for yourself with the God Mode and Hell Mode settings. Learn everything…

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Feature: A 1440p monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate, what could go wrong?

AOC Agon AG273QZ review

Until recently, anyone looking to buy a 240Hz gaming monitor had to make do with a 1920x1080 resolution. That's fine if you're buying a screen that's 24in or 25in in size, but when many 240Hz monitors stretch that resolution all the way to 27in, many of them become ill-suited to heavy desktop work due to their low pixel densities. Fortunately, the tide's beginning to turn…

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Feature: Dual Diamattis are pretty solid right now.

Best Diamatti loadout and class setup in Warzone

The Diamatti is a secondary weapon with the power to completely shred your enemies. With its burst capability and Dual Wield option, you’ll be able to run around zapping foes down like you’re using a shotgun, one-bursting people like there’s no tomorrow. The Diamatti can thus be kitted out with a pretty sweet class, designed to maximise damage at close ranges in Warzone and minimise…

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