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Feature: Top dog

Apex Legends review

Apex Legends is a dumb name. There. There goes the hat of criticism, back into its box. On goes the hat of unreserved praise. That name is just about the only foot the Titanfall devs have set wrong here, and I expect to be stretching my Apelegs every evening for the foreseeable future. This is the best battle royale game we’re going to see for…

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Feature: For Dr Funfrock

Have You Played… Little Big Adventure?

Little Big Adventure (known in the US by the uninspired name of "Relentless") is perhaps where my love for PC gaming truly started and one of the first games I completed. We got our first computer with Windows 95 a couple of years after this game first graced MS-DOS, and we had to quit Windows every time just to get it to run, but memories…

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Feature: Bringing you the pick of the indies from Steam

Unknown Pleasures: A Winter’s Quail

I have cancelled February. Today, and tomorrow, and most of the next two weeks, do not exist. It has been that kind of month, and I don't think I'm the only one. Please purge responsibly, everyone. Don't guillotine anything I wouldn't guillotine. Unknown Pleasures is running a little behind, not least because there were a truly ridiculous number of games to get through earlier this…

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Feature: Wipe yourself off, man. You dead.

Apex Legends finishers – how to execute enemies in Apex Legends, finisher tips and tricks

Part of what has made the battle royale genre so successful is the fact that all these enemies dropping with you are other players, that you're all in the same boat as one another, and so it's satisfying as hell to kill an enemy because it gives you such a feeling of "HA! I outplayed you! I'm better than you!" - even if that isn't…

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Feature: "Enemy spotted." "WHERE?" "...Cancel that."

Apex Legends Ping guide – how to use the Ping system, communicating with teammates, Ping Wheel explained

Apex Legends, the new battle royale by Titanfall creators Respawn, has been making waves since its release on 4th Feb. One of the reasons for its instant success is its fantastic Ping system, which allows you to communicate with teammates quickly, dynamically, and effectively without using voice chat functionality. But the more you play around with the Ping system, the more you realise there are…

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Feature: Going legit is more trouble than it's worth

The best fan-made Thief missions you can pilfer

Thief: The Dark Project still stands out as one of the most compelling stealth games twenty years after release. Huge levels packed with treasure and secrets, and no radars or sensors to help -- just your senses, intuition, and maybe a badly drawn map. While later games in the series were a bit ropey, the first two Looking Glass-developed ones are still actively supported by the…

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Feature: Death comes to the Basement

Dwarf Fortress diary: The Basement of Curiosity episode six – Through the Interesting Door

Last time on the BoC: A new migrant, Urist, declared herself mayor, leading to a power struggle with former expedition leader Lorbam. A lot of politically controversial artefacts were made, and wrestlin’ dad Id got blasted into the mince zone by a pack of dingos. Late Winter, Y2 We return to the Basement of Curiosity at the bum end of winter, in the mildew-stinking, sand-walled…

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Feature: Info on Hot Zone, Supply Drops, Supply Ships, Loot Ticks, and more

Apex Legends loot – best loot in Apex Legends, Supply Bin locations, Loot Ticks, Legendary weapons

Apex Legends packs an enormous amount of stuff into the small map of King's Canyon, and key to survival (as with any battle royale) is knowing how to get your hands on the best loot the game has to offer each match. But if you're just starting out on your Apex Legends journey, there are some key things you need to know that the game…

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Feature: Live up to your Legend

Apex Legends guide – Apex Legends tips and tricks, how to play

Apex Legends seemed to come out of absolutely nowhere, with Titanfall developers Respawn Entertainment announcing and then immediately releasing their free-to-play battle royale without pausing for breath. Now Apex Legends is breaking all kinds of player and viewer milestones, and if you're here you're likely interested in seeing what all the fuss is about. Well, look no further! Our Apex Legends guide will take you…

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Feature: A Canyon fit for a King

Apex Legends map: Apex Legends locations, loot map, best places to land in King’s Canyon

The arrival of Respawn Entertainment's massive hit Apex Legends has brought with it a newcomer to the list of battle royale maps. King's Canyon is filled with hills, cliffs, underground areas and vertical drops, but the real question everyone wants answered is: where is all the best loot? Our Apex Legends map and locations guide looks to answer this question, while also explaining many of…

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Feature: Tracker or Healer? Soldier or Scout?

Apex Legends characters – Legend abilities, Apex Legends classes guide

Note: we'll be creating new pages focusing on each individual Legend soon, so keep your eyes peeled for them! Until then, this page will take you through everything you need to know to get started with any Apex Legends character. One thing which sets Apex Legends apart from the other battle royales on the market is its character roster, which makes each match not just…

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Feature: Live another day

Apex Legends: How to revive allies, Respawn Beacon locations, how to self-revive

Apex Legends has taken the gaming world by storm these past few days, and one of the reasons is that it does several things rather differently from its competition. One of these differences is the game's method of reviving and respawning fallen teammates, which allows even an eliminated player to re-enter the fray later on down the line - as long as their teammate is…

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Feature: The Phallus Rises

Apex Legends Nessie/Nessy Easter Egg: how to summon Nessie, all Nessie locations

Respawn Entertainment know how to have a bit of hidden fun with their games. In every level of both Titanfall and Titanfall 2 players could find a hidden Nessie plush toy - and now it's been revealed that a larger Nessie easter egg is hidden in Apex Legends, culminating in the appearance of Nessie herself off the east coast of King's Canyon. We'll show you…

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Feature: Your crack is showing

Fortnite Season 8 release date – Earthquake cracks, Season 8 map changes, skins, theories

Season 8 of Fortnite is set to arrive at the end of this month, and Epic are doing what they do best, ramping up the tension and the hype with minor in-game events. This time round, we're chasing earthquakes, with cracks and fissures appearing every day or two in different areas of the map. But what does this mean for Season 8 and all the…

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Feature: Uncivilised

Sid Meier’s Steam Charts: Sid Meier’s Sid Meier’s Edition

The game you like isn't as good as the game I like. When you like the game you like, you are made to look a fool! Find out why in this week's Steam Charts.

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Feature: Solid state of the art

Best gaming SSD 2019: Top SATA and M.2 drives for PC

This time last year, you used to have to fork out a gut-wrenching amount of money if you wanted to buy one of the best gaming SSDs, but luckily for us prices have been falling steadily over the past couple of months. As a result, it's now a great time to think about upgrading your PC's storage banks. If your HDD is looking a bit…

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Feature: Read more

The Sunday Papers

Sundays are for playing too much Apex Legends. Have some people written about it in the best articles about video games from the past week? Or before that, because I read some good stuff while I was on holiday? Maybe. Maybe. For Waypoint, Yussef Cole laid out the numerous problems with Fortnite's appropriation of dances from black artists. It's a context I wasn't entirely aware…

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Feature: Ah! Love! That Many Splendour'd Thing!

Priceless Play – 16 February 2019

I don't like Dream Daddy. There. I said it. A game that de-eroticises queer romance in some apolitical neoliberal mystery world isn't it, chief.* There's a lot to love there, but so much about its technically-indie-corporate-sheen marketing gay romance rubs me the wrong way. I'm glad the game is there for those who need it, I'm glad there's a game where queer folks seem pretty…

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