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Feature: Cannot possess them all

Unknown Pleasures: Witness the best five new indie games on Steam

Forgive me, readers, for I have let us all down. This week I had someone over to sign a legal document as a witness, and we watched Fury Road, and I didn't say "Witness me!". There's nothing I can do to redeem myself, but before you destroy me with sticks, why not enjoy another round up of the best new, obscure games on Steam with…

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Feature: Deal or no deal.

Best PC gaming deals of the week – August 17th 2018

Once more unto the breach, deals friends. We're at the end of another week and there's a brand new set of the best PC gaming deals of the week to take a look at, as you may have gathered from the headline already. This time around, there's everything from GeForce 1060s to SD cards. Excitement! Will I get through a week of these posts without…

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Feature: A solid defence.

Monster Hunter: World armour: how to craft them, which are the best for which weapon

Perhaps the most important thing to understand in Monster Hunter: World is that armour comes with its own strengths, weaknesses, and even skills that it grants the wearer. It's all well and good knowing how to pack a punch, but knowing what to wear when going out on a hunt is just as crucial to surviving anything a tough creature can dish out. This guide will…

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Feature: Gear up!

Monster Hunter: World weapons: weapon upgrade trees explained, best Monster Hunter: World weapons

When beginning your Monster Hunter: World journey, you'll be given the most basic version of each of the fourteen different weapons. They all behave in different ways; some being very slow to wind up to deal blows, while others opt for a more nimble approach. You can generally get a good idea of what they do by experimenting with them in the Training room, found in your…

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Feature: Strength in numbers

Monster Hunter: World PC multiplayer: how to connect with your friends, the Gathering Hub explained

Sadly, while going off a hunt with your friends is one of the better cooperative experiences around, Monster Hunter: World doesn't make this process all that easy compared to other multiplayer games out there. It's not always required to hunt with others, but you may find some hunts tricky without that extra bit of help. With PC being a new format for the series, this guide…

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Feature: Ready to learn, rookie?

Monster Hunter: World guide: monster hunting basics, combat tips

With Monster Hunter: World recently being released on PC, it can be a little daunting for new players who hadn't played any of the previous games in the series. Console players have had at most a decade's head start with new things being introduced steadily, but for PC players there's a lot of concepts which can seem unnecessarily complex. So in order to ease the newer players…

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Feature: Fashionable hunting

Monster Hunter: World armour tree: how to craft armour, what materials you need

With new materials comes the opportunity to make better stuff, no matter if you're just starting out in Monster Hunter: World or a seasoned veteran. With the sheer amount of equipment on offer, it's somewhat confusing to know just what you need at any given time to make the thing you need. This guide contains tables for how to craft armour and the materials you need for…

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Feature: Get your weapons 'ere!

Monster Hunter: World weapon tree: what materials are needed to craft weapons

With new materials comes the opportunity to make better stuff, no matter if you're just starting out in Monster Hunter: World or a seasoned veteran. With the sheer amount of equipment on offer, it's somewhat confusing to know just what you need at any given time to make the thing you need. This guide contains tables for how to craft armour and the materials you need for…

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Feature: Death becomes her

Flipping Death review

If the humor of Psychonauts, the mechanics of Paper Mario, and the wacky, noodly designs of Dr. Seuss had a love child, I think it’d look a lot like Flipping Death. A platformer, puzzle, and adventure game all in one (to various success), the developers have been so inspired by Tim Schafer's work over the years that Double Fine Productions are thanked in its credits.…

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Feature: After three years, what state is HOTS esports in?

The rise and fall and rise again of Heroes of the Storm esports

James “Bakery” Baker no longer plays Heroes of the Storm competitively. Before retiring through injury, the 21-year old Brit was the captain and support player for Team Dignitas, widely regarded as one of the best teams in Europe – and even the world. From 2015 to 2017 he played a major role in many of the squad’s biggest tournament successes, collected more than a hundred…

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Feature: Listen now or it's over

Podcast: The worst endings

And then they all died in a nuclear blast. Oh, hello. Welcome to another RPS podcast, the Electronic Wireless Show. We’re chatting about endings this week. Good end, bad end, noncommittal end. We’ve got all the endings right here in one lump sum. An hour and nine minutes of audio distraction that you can use to ignore the coming apocalypse. It’s how we’re all going…

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Feature: Dinner and a Movie of the Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms’ battle tactics are old hat, but its espionage has promise

“Spearmen before archers,” I mutter to myself, as the Gamescom build for Creative Assembly's Total War: Three Kingdoms spins up. “Spearmen before archers.” In 20 years of playing Total War games set everywhere and when, from feudal Japan to medieval Europe, that magic mantra has never steered me wrong: it's the equivalent of “i before e except in c”, or “always hit the treasure chest…

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Feature: The winds of change

Hands on with the world’s thinnest gaming laptop, the Asus ROG Zephyrus S

In the distant past of four or so years ago, buying a gaming laptop was simply a cooler, sexier way of saying you're getting a desktop replacement. They were huge, monstrous great things with often chunky, off-the-shelf chassis shells that would break your back almost as soon as you clapped eyes on one. That's just the way things were. Then, in the hallowed year of…

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Feature: Cyberpunk is so hot right now

State of Mind review

For me, cyberpunk fiction has two tropes which shape pretty much everything about its stories. Firstly, the protagonist is always on some kind of fake quest, trying to discover something about their world; they then instead end up discovering their own values, history, past; their very self. Secondly, robots, AIs, cybernetic hybrids etc are almost always revealed to have some fundamental humanity that none of…

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Feature: Tactics and hacked bits

Video: Bad North is an RTS that even RTS-haters might enjoy

I’m not sure if Bad North is a strategy game for the inept or the lazy. It does a lot that speaks to both: the islands you’re defending are small, you’ve only a few units to guide and those instructions don’t extend beyond ‘go there’ or ‘hide in that’. When they do get ‘there’ they auto-attack any marauders in reach and pursue the stragglers. It…

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Feature: A console you really need to fork out for, too

MSI Trident 3 8th review: The PC that thinks it’s a console

The MSI Trident 3 8th is probably the most console-like mini PC I've ever laid eyes on. Measuring 346x323x72mm, it's roughly the same size as an original Xbox One, and can be laid down on its side if you don't fancy standing it vertically with its accompanying base. That's pretty handy if you're after a PC that can sit neatly inside a TV stand, although…

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Feature: Sir You Are Being Stunted

We Happy Few review

We Happy Few has an enormous amount of ambition, a game that sets out to join the pantheon of sneak-based grandchildren of Looking Glass, but in a more open world. And while it keeps looking like it's going to deliver, it really serves to demonstrate just how astonishingly good the games on whose shoulders it wobbles really are.

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Feature: Monstrous carbuncles

Fugue In Void: I am afraid of Brutalism now

I always think of Brutalism, a style that boomed primarily in the 50s and 60s, as competitive architecture - not as in architect vs. architect, but as in building vs. every other building around it. Brutalist structures look like everything else has spilled their pint. They’re big, thick blocks of raw concrete that have a looming presence no matter how large they actually are, and…

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