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Valheim: How to find Silver Ore

Here's how you can find Silver in Valheim

Where can you find Silver Ore in Valheim? Silver is a very important late-game resource in Valheim, and you'll want to become well-versed in how to find Silver Ore deposits. Our Valheim Silver guide will show you what you need in order to start finding and mining these Silver boulders.

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How to find Silver Ore in Valheim

Silver in Valheim can only be found inside Mountain biomes, so you'll need to wrap up warm before you can get stuck into mining all the Silver Ore you need for your next set of equipment. You'll also need an Iron Pickaxe, because earlier Valheim Pickaxes cannot mine Silver.

Use the Wishbone to help find Silver Ore boulders, as these boulders almost always spawn underground and hidden from sight. The Wishbone is a special item you receive from killing Bonemass, the third Valheim boss.

You can equip the Wishbone in a special equipment slot (the same slot as Megingjord). With the Wishbone equipped, you'll hear a dinging noise and see green energy trails pulse around your character when you are near a "secret", such as Silver Ore buried nearby.

A Valheim screenshot of the player standing in a Mountain biome, with green energy trails pulsing from them as a result of the Wishbone.
See those green trails of energy surrounding the player? That's the Wishbone alerting you to nearby Silver deposits.

The Wishbone will pulse faster and the noise will become higher-pitched as you get closer to the Silver. Once you're above it, dig down and start mining the Silver boulder with your Iron Pickaxe.

You should probably switch out Wishbone for Megingjord once you've found the Silver, because - just like Copper, Tin, Bronze, and Iron - Silver is heavy and cannot be transported through portals. I'd recommend digging around the Silver Ore boulder before mining it, to ensure you don't miss any of this valuable resource. But be aware that floating Silver Ore doesn't collapse like Copper does.

The Wishbone can also sense other secrets in different biomes. You can use it to find buried Muddy Scrap Piles in Swamps, or treasure under burial grounds in Meadows. It works in exactly the same way as it does for detecting Silver Ore.

How to smelt Silver Ore into Silver Bars

Silver Ore can be smelted into Silver Bars using a Smelter, as with all previous metal ores. In this more refined state, Silver can be used to craft some of the best weapons and armor in the game.

Silver Armor:

  • Drake Helmet
  • Wolf Armor Chest
  • Wolf Armor Legs
  • Wolf Fur Cape
  • Linen Cape
  • Lox Cape

Silver Weapons:

  • Draugr Fang (Bow)
  • Frostner (Club)
  • Fang Spear
  • Silver Arrow
  • Silver Sword
  • Silver Shield
  • Silver Knife (added with the Hearth & Home update)

That wraps up this Valheim Silver guide, so you can get stuck into finding and mining those Silver Ore boulders with your trusty Wishbone and Iron Pickaxe. If you're soon to start a new game, why not make sure you've a large nearby Mountain using our best Valheim seeds list?

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