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Valheim Merchant location: how to find Haldor the Trader

How to find and trade with Haldor, the Valheim Merchant

Where can you find Haldor the Merchant in Valheim? Haldor the Merchant is one of the rarest sights in Valheim. This travelling trader allows you to sell valuable items, and purchase unique and powerful artifacts in return - but how do you find him?

Our Valheim Merchant guide will walk you through everything we know about how to find Haldor, along with a list of exactly what you can sell him, and the special items he offers for purchase.

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Valheim Merchant locations: where to find Haldor the Trader

The Merchant can be very hard for some players to find in Valheim. Much like the second Forsaken boss, The Elder, Haldor can only be found inside the Black Forest biome. There are several different places where Haldor can spawn in each Valheim map, just like the bosses and their Mystical Altars.

When you're a certain distance away from Haldor the Trader on the map, then a money bag icon will appear in the fog of war, lending you a hand in pinpointing him. This means that often you only need to step a ways into a new Black Forest biome to find out whether Haldor resides there.

A Valheim screenshot of the map, with the Trader icon in the centre.

Some seeds will spawn Haldor very close to your spawn point, while others will have no Merchant locations for miles and miles. If you want to avoid the frustration of being unable to find him, then your best bet is to check out our list of the best Valheim seeds, because several of them show Haldor's exact location fairly close to spawn.

Whatever the case, I'd strongly suggest you place down a Portal next to Haldor once you find him, and link it to a Portal back home so you can quickly travel to him whenever you like. While he appears to be a travelling merchant, he'll actually never move the places where you find him.

How to sell items in Valheim

You can sell items to Haldor the Merchant at any time after you've found him. Any item marked "valuable" can be sold in exchange for coins, which you can then use to purchase unique items from the Trader.

To sell items to Haldor, just interact with him, and repeatedly click the coin icon that juts out on the right-hand side of Haldor's trading window.

A Valheim screenshot of the Trader window, with the sell button highlighted.

Each time you click the coin icon, you'll sell a different item. It works very much like the repair button in the Workbench window. You'll have to make sure you have the items you want to sell in your inventory before meeting with Haldor.

Here's what you can sell to Haldor and for how much:

  • Amber: 5 coins each
  • Amber Pearl: 10 coins each
  • Ruby: 20 coins each
  • Silver Necklace: 30 coins each

Valheim Merchant items for purchase

Haldor always offers exactly the same items for purchase, and their prices never change. Here are the items you can buy from the Valheim Trader:

  • Yule Hat (100 coins): Cosmetic for helmet slot.
  • Dverger Circlet (620 coins): 2-armour Helmet which lights up an area in front of yourself.
  • Megingjord (950 coins): +150 inventory weight limit. Uses accessory slot.
  • Ymir Flesh (120 coins): Crafting material for late-game equipment.
  • Fishing Rod (350 coins): Equippable tool that allows you to fish.
  • Fishing Bait x50 (10 coins): Required for fishing.
  • Thunder Stone (50 coins): Required for crafting the Obliterator.
  • Egg (1,500 coins): Required to obtain Chickens and Hens.

That's everything you need to know about finding and trading with Haldor the Merchant in Valheim. While you're here, why not also check out our guide to building in Valheim, or our walkthrough on how to tame boars?

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