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Valheim Obliterator: how to craft and use an Obliterator

Where to find Thunder Stones, how to craft the Obliterator, and what it does once you have it.

How do you craft and use the Obliterator in Valheim? The Obliterator was added to Valheim with the Hearth & Home update, and exists to address a recurring problem experienced by Valheim players in older iterations of the Early Access smash hit. Previously, there was no way to actually get rid of items you didn't need — which could include a surplus of crafting materials and even trophies made from the body parts of slain enemies. The Obliterator gives you the option to neatly dispose of all the inventory junk you don't want to display or store.

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How to craft an Obliterator in Valheim

In order to craft the Obliterator, you simply need access to a Forge, as well as the following materials:

Where to get Thunder Stones

At least for now, Thunder Stones can only be obtained by purchasing them from Haldor the Merchant. They cost 50 Coins each, which is actually pretty cheap coming from Haldor, especially since you only need one to build an Obliterator.

How to use the Obliterator in Valheim

The Obliterator works a bit like an anti-workbench. Interact with it like you would any other crafting structure, select the items from your inventory you want to see the back of permanently, and pull the lever. Almost everything that fits in your inventory can be disposed of using the Obliterator, including crafting materials, trophies, armor, weapons, and tools. Only once the lever is pulled will the items disappear; before that, they're held in the Obliterator's storage compartments and can still be picked back up.

The Obliterator works by attracting a bolt of lightning that destroys everything it hits (barring the Obliterator itself of course) — and damages anything immediately near it. You're therefore strongly advised to get your Viking out of range with all haste once they've pulled the lever; and not to place the Obliterator near any buildings, crops, tamed animal enclosures, or anything else you want to keep.

There's no material reward for obliterating (other than the feeling of KonMari-esque calm you'll get from a clear inventory and a house that's not cluttered up with dozens of Fuling head trophies). It probably goes without saying that items you obliterate can't be recovered, so make sure you only sacrifice things that are truly surplus to requirement.

The Obliterator is just the latest in a long series of crafting structures you can place in your settlement in Valheim. Why not let your Viking unwind after a long day's drawing down the lightning of Thor to burn their trash by enjoying some mead made in their own Fermenter, for example? Or if you're wondering how to design your base to best avoid unfortunate Obliterator-related accidents, check out our Valheim building tips guide to help you plan a better layout.

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