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Take a piratical peek at the first Return To Monkey Island gameplay

They should’ve just called it Guybrush Returns

Terrible Toybox have shared more of point’n’click adventure threequel reboot Return To Monkey Island today. It’s the first time we’ve got a good look at the third Monkey Island captained by Ron Gilbert in motion, but it had the weird honour of appearing during a Nintendo Direct. Have a watch of the trailer below.

Ready your cutlass, Monkey Island is returning.Watch on YouTube

Art director Rex Crowle, known for Knights And Bikes and Tearaway, is doing a grand job judging by the new video. I think the visual style is a really good fit for Monkey Island. Fan favourite characters are back to join the returning Guybrush Threepwood and zombie pirate LeChuck, including Elaine Marley, the Voodoo Lady, Wally, Stan and, yay, Murray the Talking Skull. It even seems like you might get to play as Elaine this time around, and there's plenty of swordfighting on display.

You might want to check out the Return To Monkey Island site here after you’ve watched the trailer, because it’s been updated in a rather daft but brilliant way. Enjoy having a fairly lengthy conversation with legendary used ship salesman Stan while he sits in a jail cell for “marketing-related crimes”. Stan’s fellow prisoner Otis doesn’t seem to want to chat but, as Stan says, he couldn’t break a fourth wall to save his life.

Return To Monkey Island sets sails sometime in 2022, just presumably not on top of a bumper car for this one. It’s coming to Steam and, very evidently, Nintendo Switch.

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