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Take home a 2TB PCIe 4.0 SSD for $122

An excellent price for one of SK Hynix's best SSDs.

The Solidigm P41 Plus 2TB SSD is a top performer amongst QLC drives, and now it's down to $122 at Newegg in the US. That's nearly $25 cheaper than the next-lowest price, at Amazon, and a solid deal on a high-spec drive that can hit up to 4125MB/s reads and 3325MB/s writes.

Looking at other similar specced drives online, this is among the cheapest available - only the Kingston NV2 at $110 and the Crucial P3 Plus at $125 are in the same ballpark. In order to hit that low price though, there are some sacrifices here - most notably a DRAM cache, which is absent, and TLC NAND, with cheaper QLC used instead.

However, the drive does offer surprisingly consistent performance, thanks to a pSLC cache and strong random read/write ratings, at up to 390K IOPS random reads and 540K IOPS random writes for this capacity. The 800TBW longevity is also reasonable for a QLC drive of this size.

So who is this drive made by? Solidigm may not be the most prominent brand in your memory banks, but it's a new face for SK Hynix, one of the top five manufacturers of flash memory in the world. Like its competitors Samsung, Crucial (aka Micron), WD (aka SanDisk) and Kioxia (aka Toshiba), that means Solidigm can rely on its own controllers and flash memory when building the SSD, allowing for more aggressive pricing and tighter integration than third parties that rely on other companies for these essential components.

Incidentally, I recently tested the Solidigm P44 Pro for Digital Foundry, and was very impressed with the performance on offer, so I'm comfortable recommending this drive as well.

If this drive's speed, capacity and price feel like the right fit for you, and you feel comfortable after checking out other reviews online, then I'd recommend picking this drive up while it's discounted. But what do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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