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Team Fortress 2 Marks Halloween With Alien Invasion

Month-long event gets alien invasion

As the march towards Halloween gains pace (seriously, where has this year disappeared to?!), Team Fortress 2 [official site] has launched a month-long Invasion event, spilling its community-curated guts in the form of new maps, weapons and items.

The launch trailer is typically TF2 in its spectacle and flair and can be viewed without the use of 3D glasses inside.

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The Invasion event adds four new maps to proceedings, the first of which is 2Fort Invasion. This is the enduring, classic TF2 map amid an extraterrestrial invasion. It's business as usual, though, as the aliens are "taking over but the teams are too busy to figure out better ways to kill each other with alien artefacts."

The Watergate map is an old-fashioned brewery with high walls and low courtyards. This makes for a good battleground because, apparently, "science has shown [the aliens] react violently being force-fed beer."

Probed starts out as a standard farmhouse map and winds up aboard an alien ship. It's in the name, but it looks like there might be some sort of probing machinery in place here:

Last on the map front is Byre - an unfinished barn with an ominous laser/death-ray cannon protruding from its roof:

Besides the maps, there's also a host of new weapons - such as the Batsaber, a baseball bat-cum-lightsabre and The C.A.P.P.E.R. ray gun - and a host of Cosmic Cosmetics for your cosmonautic cupboard space.

Oh, and there's this guy:

That's Chester, an "adorable little scamp will immediately find its way into your heart - literally!"

"Show off your parasitic pal in this taunt for all nine classes!" We're told. "The taunt also has a rare chance of being Strange, having an Unusual effect or *both*."

Find full Invasion details here.

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