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Teamfight Tactics: Champion Tier List (November 2019, Patch 9.22)

Our evolving guide to the best champions in Teamfight Tactics.

LoL’s Teamfight Tactics mode is easily one of the most fleshed out Auto Battlers out there, and it’s certainly giving Valve’s own official take on the Auto Chess genre a serious run for its money.

If you're new to Teamfight Tactics - and the Auto Chess/Battler genre in general - it'll have you attempting to build a synergistic army of champions that are strong enough to see off a series of combat encounter against seven other players.

Occasionally, you'll battle against neutral "creeps", and even partake in a shared round where you'll be able to pick up a free unit and item too. As each game progresses, you'll gain Gold which can be used to purchase new champions to upgrade your composition, level up your character and more. See our How to Play Teamfight Tactics guide for more help on this front.

Who are the best champions in Teamfight Tactics, though? To help you get a better idea of which champions you should be choosing, we've compiled a tier list ranking each one from strongest to weakest based on our own experience with the game, alongside community feedback too.

As we gain more experience with the game mode, we'll be updating this article with greater detail, as well as extra insight into what makes each Champion so strong (or weak, as the case may be!)


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A quick note before we crack on...

Please don't take this tier list as definitive. It's main purpose is to give new players unfamiliar with the game a better idea of which heroes my be considered stronger than others.

Teamfight Tactics is largely down to RNG, so the strongest team compositions are put together by players who embrace flexibility and switch strategies on the fly. Even if it's not entirely "meta", any composition of champions can thrive in the right situation.

Tier List - Rise of the Elements Update

Below we've separated all the champions in Teamfight Tactics into categories based on how strong they are right now. As the game evolves over time, we'll be sure to update this tier list to reflect these changes in the meta.

Set two is now live!

New traits, champions, items and more are now live with Rise of the Elements, Teamfight Tactics’ second season! We’ve made some big changes to our champion tier list below to celebrate and help you climb the ladder.

Without further ado, let’s get stuck in.

Tier List - Top tier picks

The following champions have some incredibly strong abilities and can potentially carry an entire team if upgraded and handed the right items. If you spot them in the shop, seriously consider picking them up.

We'd also like to credit Keane's champion/item tierlist for patch 9.22 (winner of the inaugural set 2 TFT tournament). While we've chopped and changed a number of his picks, it's certainly helped us get to grips with the latest set.

  • Diana (Inferno/Assassin)
  • Kha’Zix (Desert/Assassin)
  • Kindred (Shadow/Inferno/Ranger)
  • Lux (Avatar)
  • Malzahar (Shadow/Summoner)
  • Master Yi (Shadow/Mystic/Blademaster)
  • Nami (Ocean/Mystic)
  • Qiyana (Cloud/Assassin)
  • Sion (Shadow/Berserker)

It's no surprise we'd recommend nabbing every champion on this list, but we've got some particular favourites:

- Kindred’s a very strong champion if you’re going for the Shadow composition.

- Kha’Zix is expensive, but a quality assassin who delivers some big damage numbers.

- Qiyana’s all about her stun which can render enemy champions totally useless for what seems like an eternity.

- While Diana might not seem that great, she’s one of, if not the best 1 cost champion in the game.

- If you’ve managed to reach the late game, picking up the right Lux for your composition can be a game changer. She can be just what you need to max out a synergy!

- Shadow is strong right now, so Sion and Malzahar are both great value units with effective abilities.

- Master Yi has a strong combination of synergies built in. Shadow and Blademaster is outrageously strong, so throwing him on the board will likely guarantee a top four finish if you’ve built the right composition.

- Despite being a Support champion, Nami’s Tidal Wave ability has exceptional AoE and stun potential.

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Tier List - Very strong picks

These champions are great additions if you build correctly around them:

  • Azir (Desert/Summoner)
  • Janna (Cloud/Mystic)
  • Olaf (Glacial/Berserker)
  • Singed (Poison/Alchemist)
  • Vladimir (Ocean/Mage)
  • Yasuo (Cloud/Assassin)
  • Yorick (Light/Summoner)
  • Zed (Electric/Assassin/Summoner)

- Azir’s got some great synergy potential, being a Summoner and Desert. This means you can pair him with Kha’Zix, or the likes of Yorick, Malzahar and Zyra for serious board control.

- Janna’s healing and knockback is invaluable if you’re building a Rangers focused comp, but she also pairs nicely with practically anyone.

- Olaf doesn’t start off strong, but build the right items on him, get him to Tier 2+, and he’ll deal astonishing amount of pain while sustaining through practically anything.

- Yasuo knocks up an enemy with the most items, which can seriously swing things in your favour when it comes to the late game. He also pairs nicely with Qiyana, which is definitely a big plus considering just how strong she is right now.

- Yorick is easily the strongest Summoner champion as he’s able to create little Light minions of anyone who falls on the battlefield.

- Get Vladimir to the lofty heights of a three star unit and he’ll be practically unstoppable with the Magic Damage and sustain he brings to the table.

- Build Zed with Guardian Angel, Ionic Spark and a damage item, and well, he’ll do you proud.

Tier List - Solid situational picks

You'll find it hard to build a consistently powerful team using only the characters below, but they will surely have situational use depending on your team progress up to this point:

  • Aatrox (Light/Blademaster)
  • Annie (Inferno/Summoner)
  • Ashe (Crystal/Ranger)
  • Brand (Inferno/Summoner)
  • Dr. Mundo (Poison/Berserker)
  • Ezreal (Glacial/Ranger)
  • Ivern (Woodland/Druid)
  • Jax (Light/Berserker)
  • Malphite (Mountain/Warden)
  • Maokai (Woodland/Druid)
  • Nautilus (Ocean/Warden)
  • Nocturne (Steel/Predator)
  • Sivir (Desert/Blademaster)
  • Soraka (Light/Mystic)
  • Syndra (Ocean/Mage)
  • Taric (Crystal/Warden)
  • Twitch (Poison/Ranger)
  • Varus (Inferno/Ranger)
  • Vayne (Light/Ranger)
  • Zyra (Inferno/Summoner)

- Annie’s not quite Yorick, but dropping Tibbers on an enemy comp can provide some strong disruption and damage.

- Kit out Dr. Mundo with health items and he’ll be one of the most dependable tanks in the game - he’s practically unkillable if you can tier him up enough.

- Again, kit Nocturne out with the right items and he can practically take on an entire enemy team by himself. Go down the Predator route and you’ll be laughing.

- If you’ve built the right composition, sticking Guinsoo’s Rageblade on Vayne, along with a couple of other damage items can turn her into a hyper carry.

- Zyra’s another cheap Summoner pickup who conjures up loads of nasty plants which dish out plenty of pain. Definitely one to keep if you’re going down the Summoner route as the match lengthens.

Watch on YouTube

Do be sure to give this video by Scarra a watch. He breaks down everything you need to know about Set 2 in an easily digestible 10 minute video.

Tier List - By no means weak, just highly situational picks

These are by no means significantly worse than the other champions in our tier list, but they're a little trickier to build around than most and could use a little buff from Riot:

  • Braum (Glacial/Warden)
  • KogMaw (Poison/Predator)
  • Leblanc (Woodland/Mage/Assassin)
  • Nasus (Light/Warden)
  • Neeko (Woodland/Druid)
  • Ornn (Electric/Warden)
  • Renekton (Desert/Berserker)
  • Skarner (Crystal/Predator)
  • Taliyah (Mountain/Mage)
  • Thresh (Ocean/Warden)
  • Veigar (Shadow/Mage)
  • Warwick (Glacial/Predator)
  • Volibear (Glacial/Electric/Berserker)

- Veigar isn’t the one-shotting phenom he used to be, but if you’re lucky enough he can get there. Just don’t expect him to delete units quite as effectively as before.

- Nasus can be quite a strong early game pickup if you manage to tier 2 him quickly. He’s also part of the Light synergy which is pretty solid right now. Trouble is, he lacks impact as a match draws on, so look to swap him out as the game progresses.

- Skarner’s main usage is for the Predator synergy. Otherwise, don’t pick this unit up unless you’re aiming to maximise your Nocturne’s damage output.

As players learn the new patch - and getting much better at it - we'll tweak this article over time with fresh data and our own insights about the individual top picks.

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