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Teamfight Tactics Galaxies brings the auto-battler to mobile with full crossplay

Handheld wizard chess

What's this? A mobile story, on my beloved PC gaming specialist website? Don't worry folks, we haven't lost it. After all, nothing screams PC like a MOBA - unless it's an obtuse, strategy board-game spin-off from said MOBA. Teamfight Tactics' long-awaited Galaxies update hit earlier this week, bringing with it new heroes and items, a fresh balance pass, and a load of new mobile players to square off against with full crossplay support.

TFT's third set, Galaxies, hit the League auto-battler earlier this week with Patch 10.6. But while the eponymous world-hopping "Galaxies" mechanic won't hit for another two weeks or so (according to Riot Mort's notice on Twitter), there is at least one new dimension entering Riot's wizard-chess arena.

It's mobile! Y'know, that tiny pocket-PC you might be reading this article on. Did you know they can play games these days? After two days in a limited closed beta, Teamfight Tactics launched today on iPhone and Android devices worldwide - save for China and Southeast Asia.

Teamfight Tactics launches on mobile with full cross-play support between PC, Mac and handheld platforms. Each uses the same Riot account, meaning your cosmetics and progression will carry over regardless of where you happen to be playing.

TFT mobile does, however, arrive without in-game store or loot systems. For the time being, the only way to snag more cosmetics on TFT mobile is via the new Galaxies Pass / Pass+, Teamfight's new battle pass system with free and premium editions respectively. Even folks playing TFT exclusively on mobile might need to fire up the PC client from time to time if they feel like picking up some cosmetics from the shop.

If you're not fussed with all this mobile nonsense, you'll still want to keep up to speed on Teamfight's newest set. You can catch the full rundown over on the version 10.6 patch notes here.

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