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Teamfight Tactics: How to get items

Here's how to get items in Teamfight Tactics.

Items play a huge part in Teamfight Tactics, arguably more so than in any other Auto Battler out there right now.

There’s a total of 35 different combined items, each with their own specific recipes. If you’re new to the game, it can be difficult to know when they’ll drop, how to combine them and which champions to equip them on.

Below we’ll explain how items drop in Teamfight Tactics, so you can get to combining them right away.

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How to get items in Teamfight Tactics

In Teamfight Tactics, there are currently two ways you can obtain items: via the Carousel and by beating creeps during Neutral Rounds.

Patch 9.14 Update

To combat the RNG, Riot rolled out some item drop changes on the PBE.

When the patch goes live on the 17th of July, every PVE round (both of which we’ve outlined below) will drop one guaranteed item.


The Carousel always appears at the beginning of each match, and at specific intervals thereafter. It’s a rotating pool of random champions, each equipped with one item. You’ll control your avatar and touch whichever champion/item takes your fancy.

We’d argue that it’s not the champion you’ll want to prioritise from the carousel but the item, instead. You’ll have plenty of chances to reroll and pickup champions, but your chances of encountering specific items are much, much lower.

If you spot an item that looks useful, don’t be afraid to grab the champion it’s equipped on, even if you don’t necessarily need them. You can always refund them so the item transfers to your inventory, which will then enable you to equip it on someone who better suits your team composition.

Neutral Rounds

The first three rounds of a match are always Neutral rounds where you’ll face off against AI controlled monsters. These creeps have a chance to drop items, but sometimes you won't be so lucky.

These Neutral rounds also appear at specific intervals during a match and they’ll become progressively harder. Again, item drops aren't guaranteed. However, if you make it as far as the Elder Dragon, you’ll have a chance at earning a completed (pre-combined) item if you manage to defeat it - spoilers, it’s really tough.

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Equipping and combining items

Here’s a very quick overview to get you up to speed:

  • Items resemble little cubes that’ll drop into your inventory on the bottom left of your screen.
  • Hover your mouse over an item to view its stats and effects.
  • Drag and drop them onto a specific champion to equip them.
  • Two items will combine into a complete item. To combine two items, you drag and drop one onto another.
  • To preview an item combination, hover one item over another and a small preview window will pop-up.

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