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Teamfight Tactics: Little Legends guide - Eggs explained

Everything you need to know about Little Legends and Eggs in Teamfight Tactics.

If you’re new to Teamfight Tactics, you’ll control a podgy blue avatar called “River Sprite”. It’s fine, you’ll tell yourself. Until you spot another player controlling a small penguin wearing a bandana and wielding a dinky sword - then it’s not fine at all.

These avatars are called Little Legends and they’re all ridiculously adorable. Sure, they don’t alter gameplay, but you’d be kidding yourself if you didn’t want to control these cutesy companions.

As with most cosmetic items in League of Legends/Teamfight Tactics, it’s not clear how you obtain them, upgrade them and the like. Below we’ll explain everything you need to know about Little Legends so you can begin working towards the one you want.

How to get Little Legends

There are two ways to earn Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics right now:

TFT Beta Pass

Teamfight Tactics now has a Beta Pass system which rewards you with points for completing specific challenges. Earn enough points and you’ll unlock tiers, which will reward you with a cosmetic item.

The first tier of the Beta Pass requires 100 points and will reward you with a “Starter Little Legend Egg”.

To reach this tier, you’ll need to complete Weekly Missions which will reward you with 30 to 50 points each. These tasks don't require much thought, honestly. They usually boil down to, "Play X number of Alliances", or "Reach X number of rounds in a match", the sort of stuff you'll tick off just by playing the game enough.

There's also the Orb of Enlightenment which'll reward you with 80 points every 24 hours, just make sure to claim it every time you log in. There's no catch either, it's simply a case of clicking "claim" and getting your free points. It's presumably Riot's version of a Daily Login bonus for now.

So, the easiest way to go about it, is to complete one Weekly Mission and claim the Orb of Enlightenment every day.

Once you’ve got enough points, claim the Starter Egg, head to your Loot page and select it. You’ll then be presented with a choice between three different avatars: Sentinel Runespirit, Soft-nosed Molediver and Demacian Silverwing.

In the future, we expect Teamfight Tactics will be home to a fully fledged premium Battle Pass, complete with many tiers and many bespoke rewards. The Beta Pass is pretty stingy on the Little Legends Eggs front, considering it only gives you one - and that's it. We imagine the Season 1 Battle Pass will feature multiple egg drops, well, let's hope so.

Spend Riot Points

Currently, if you want to unlock every Little Legend and begin upgrading your existing collection, spending Riot Points is your only option.

Little Legend Eggs can be found in the “Loot” section of the Riot Store.

Here are all the Eggs, Little Legends and bundles you can purchase:

  • 10 + 1 Bonus Little Legends Series 1 Rare Eggs - 4,900 RP
  • 10 + 1 Bonus Little Legends Series 2 Rare Eggs - 4,900 RP
  • Little Legends Series 1 Rare Egg - 490 RP
  • Little Legends Series 2 Rare Egg - 490 RP
  • Demacian Silverwing Egg + Icon - 750 RP
  • Molten Furyhorn Egg + Icon - 750 RP
  • Pengu Featherknight Egg + Icon - 750 RP
  • Sentinel Runespirit Egg + Icon - 750 RP
  • Shadow Isles Haunting Egg + Icon - 750 RP
  • Soft-nosed Molediver Egg + Icon - 750 RP

Purchase the first two bundles on this list and you’ll earn 10 Little Legends eggs, alongside 1 Bonus egg.

If you purchase the Series 1 bundle, you’ll receive Silverwing, Hauntling or Furyhorn variants from each egg.

Purchase the Series 2 bundle and you’ll receive eggs that will hatch out Featherknight, Molediver or Runespirit variants instead.

The Little Legends Series 1 and Series 2 single eggs follow the same principles, but you’ll only receive one egg, not 11.

Riot Points aren't cheap, and in classic micro-transaction fashion, you can't purchase the exact amount needed - you'll have to purchase a tad more.

- To get hold of one egg which costs 490 RP, you'll need to spend £5 for 730 RP as this is the lowest amount you can purchase.

- If you're after 4,900 RP, you'll need to purchase the 5110 RP (+370 bonus points) for £35.

- For 750 RP, you'll need to purchase 1460 RP (+ 60 bonus points) for £10.

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How to upgrade Little Legends

Upgrading Little Legends works similarly to upgrading champions in Teamfight Tactics. You’ll need to earn duplicates in order to increase their star levels, which will make them bigger and flashier.

First you’ll need to earn a variant of a Little Legend which you’d like to upgrade. It’s then a case of buying the corresponding eggs and bundles which will give you a chance at earning the same variant.

Unlike Teamfight Tactics, you don't need nine duplicate Little Legends to unlock the three star variant. Instead, you'll only need to get three as it'll star-up once per duplicate.

Once a variant has hit three stars, you won't receive them from any future eggs, so you'll be more likely to get the remaining variants when you open more eggs from the same series.

Each Little Legends has a total of six variants or styles, each progressively rarer than the last.

For example, let’s take the Silverwing Little Legend. The first and most common variant is entitled “Demacian”. If we move up a couple of tiers, there are two “Rare” variants entitled “Rosebloom” and “Dawnglow” which retain its core appearance but alter its colour scheme.

Move up a tier to “Epic” and it’ll completely alter Silverwing’s appearance. Finally, there’s a Legendary variant called “Lost” which is a spooky, purple version of Silverwing - very fancy.

This video by Skin Spotlights highlights every single variant and their corresponding upgrades:

Cover image for YouTube videoLittle Legends - Team Fight Tactics Companions

Finally, here's an image showcasing all the current Little Legends in the game:

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