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Free To Play: Demo Technobabylon Before It Launches


You've got a few days to wait before Technobabylon [official site] officially launches on Steam, but in the meantime publishers Wadjet Eye have sounded the Free Stuff klaxon and are offering a tasty morcel of demo for the price of a mere link click.

Remember this game? It might jog your memory if I say "that thing what was Blade Runner meets Police Quest." Technobabylon is essentially a throwback to the olde point-and-click adventure of the 90s, built for the bleeding hearts of cyberpunk fandom like myself. The game will hit PC on May 21st for $14.99, but you can download a nice little demo for free from both Steam and its website.

In celebration of the impending release I've turned the tough decision of where to download from into an actual Adventure Game-styled branching narrative! Here it goes:

Do you download from Steam? If yes, you will travel to the terrifying Land of Gabe where your loose change will be melted down and turned into Steam skins.

Do you download from Wadjet Eye? If yes, you will be greeted by the All-Seeing Wadjet Eye who, so taken by your wit and charm takes you as his bride, the Wadjet Nose.

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