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Tekken 7 gets new character Geese tomorrow

Flock of Geese

Firm-but-fair fisticuffs game Tekken 7 gets a new character tomorrow in the form of Geese Howard. Who’s that? He’s the blonde villain from another fighting game series, Fatal Fury, which was popular on ye olde Neo Geo in Japan. Let’s learn more about him by checking the ever-useful Tekken wiki. Ah yes, let’s see.

"Likes: Himself."

"Dislikes: People who stop his ambitions."

He sounds nice.

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You need to have the season pass to get the new character and his accompanying stage, however. You can’t just buy Geese by himself, like picking up a can of punches at the shop. Unfortunately, that means spending £20 on the season pass. [Update: I told a lie! It looks like you can get Geese by himself for £5.99 or as part of the season pass. Good good.] The game is also getting Noctis, lead member of Final Fantasy XV’s touring J-pop boyband, because the Tekkenverse is seemingly riddled with portals. He'll also be included in that season pass.

But even this is only two extra characters and stages. There’s no announcement or details on any future extras. However, if any classic Tekken characters return (people seem to want Anna Williams but I’m holding out for that dinosaur with the boxing gloves) these will be free, director Katsuhiro Harada has said.

Let’s learn some more things about Geese before we judge whether he’s worth the price. Let’s see. “Hobby: Undetermined (He starts things and then gets tired of them)”. Well that sounds like a real character flaw, and one I cannot abide. I always finish my

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