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Telltale can "no longer sell" Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People

UPDATE: Strong Bad has now been pulled from sale

Strong Bad stands next to a white creature in a red shirt in a screenshot from Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People
Image credit: Telltale

Update: Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People has been removed from sale on Steam. Meaning it's now Strong Bad's Cool Game For People Who Bought It Before June 1st.

Original Story: Telltale can “no longer sell” the 2008 episodic comedy Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People, the developer announced in yesterday’s blog post. The studio have apparently lost the rights to the game and the series may or may not be pulled from storefronts soon, based on the slightly unclear wording of their notice.

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“Unfortunately, we can no longer support Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People,” the studio explained in the blog post. “We no longer have the rights to the IP and so we can no longer sell or support the game series.” They continue to say that “you can still download all your episodes from the PC digital storefronts where you bought the game… Thank you so much for playing.” That certainly signals that the game may soon be delisted, although it’s still currently available to buy on Steam for £11.40/€12.50/$15.

Strong Bad’s Cool Game is based on the popular Homestar Runner web cartoon with the titular red-masked wrestler taking the lead through Telltale’s classic adventure formula. The series was already pulled from sale once before following OG Telltale’s shutdown in 2018, but it eventually returned thanks to the studio’s sort-of revival, along with their Texas Hold ‘Em and Wallace & Gromit games. Maybe Strong Bad will get lucky and return for a second time.

Homestar Runner’s creators The Brothers Chaps also co-wrote all five episodes of the game. They’re now presumably busy updating the old point-and-click Flash games in the series: Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate and Homestar Runner: Halloween Hide n’ Seek, both of which are coming to Steam and Those retro Homestar Runner games have a long and interesting histroy as Abby Denton wrote back in the day.

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