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Test your RPG knowledge in our new music quiz

Rock n' roll the dice

Do you like PC role-playing games? Great. Now, do you like the soundtracks of PC role-playing games? You do!?! Brilliant. Go grab that Neverwinter Nights notebook and that Fallout: New Vegas pen, because it's time to test your knowledge.

So, we're trying out some new things on the Rock Paper Shotgun YouTube channel to keep you entertained at home. One of those new things happens to be quizzes. Our first one focused on classic PC games and the majority of the lovely commenters who played along seemed to enjoy it. Myself and Matthew don't think you should be left wanting more. If you have a thirst for quizzes, then you're gonna bloody well get more quizzes.

If you missed the first one, let me fill you in on how this works: a very talented flute-playing dog is going to perform 20 snippets of music from 20 different games. All you have to do is guess the game from the music. Simple. You'll get all the answers at the end, so make sure you jot down your thoughts while you listen.

As mentioned above, this week's quiz, which you can have a look at below, revolves around the audio delights that play during RPGs. I'd reference a load of them here in a really clever way, but I don't want to give you any hints. Although, we will say that this week's selection of games may be a little easier for some of the younger folk... That's all you're getting.

Let us know how you get on in the comments. And, shout if you'd like to see more in the future, and what genres you want to see come up. Dog's confidence is growing with every passing day and he's eager to show you that he can master every instrument known to man canine.

Happy quizzing!

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