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The Banner Saga Goes Into Open (Paid) Beta

Update: Huzzah! The issue is all fixed, and the beta now loads.

It's been a mere nine months since The Banner Saga was a twinkle in the internet's eye. But now the teeny team of former BioWare artists have put their tactical RPG into open beta. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, providing a big funding boost, those who backed have been in the beta for a while. But as of today, the rest of the world is invited to form an orderly queue. And pay. There's a new trailer to celebrate, below, but there are also some technical issues getting the beta working at the moment.

Getting into the beta will cost you $15. When you pay, you'll get two Steam keys, so it's essentially two for the price of one. And of course this is for the "Factions" version of the game, that focuses on the combat. The full story-based RPG is going to take a lot longer to develop.

Here's the new trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

One thing - both Adam and I have tried to launch the beta through Steam, and both encountered an error where the game gets stuck on the loading screen. It's an issue others have mentioned on Stoic's forums. And indeed in the last few minutes a new thread has appeared with people joining today and having the same. It may not be universal, and we've contacted Stoic to let them know, but of course they're tucked up in bed just now. I'll update this story when there are more details.

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