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The best cheap Hunter deck - July 2015

How to win with the Hunter without breaking the bank.

It doesn't take a huge amount of Gold or dust to bag yourself even the strongest Hunter deck in the current metagame, but if you're really running on a budget there are ways to make things even cheaper. Following on from earlier instalments in our budget deck series, we're today turning our attention to that most aggressive of Hearthstone Heroes, the Hunter.

Note that you will need to have purchased and worked through Naxxramas to pick up this latest low-cost deck – cards like Haunted Creeper and Mad Scientist provide so much value that you may as well stick to the Basic decks if you can't invest in them.

If you want to try a cheap-ish version of a different Hero, take a look at the decks towards the bottom of this page.

Budget Hunter deck strategy guide

The first thing to mention about this deck is that Undertaker is a deliberate inclusion. It might have been hit pretty hard with the nerf-bat many months ago, but for a deck around this budget it's still extremely valuable.

You'll be looking to feed that card up with your Deathrattle minions, while also using Eaglehorn Bow and your Hero Power to fire off damage. You must close every match down quickly here, so try to fire off that Hero Power as often as you can.

Glaivezooka will help you beat down tougher three-health cards in the early game, while Mad Scientist can and should be used to introduce Freezing Trap to the match. If you need to play this Secret proactively because it's in your hand, try to get as much value from the bounce-back as you can.

If you can reach the mid-game with the board more or less under your control, you'll be in great shape to push through to victory with cards like Piloted Shredder, then Savannah Highmane – one of the most powerful cards you can get in the game.

Budget Hunter Mulligan guide

It is not complex to Mulligan this deck at all. If you're lucky enough to get an Undertaker or two, go rummaging around for Deathrattle minions to beef it up with. If you have The Coin, you want to play two 1-Mana minions on your first turn, then follow up neatly on the next turn. Without The Coin, aim for a Mana-efficient play on each of the first three turns.

Budget Hunter card combos and deck synergies

To get the most out of this budget-orientated deck, you're going to need to weave together all of the card combos contained within it nice and efficiently. Here's a quick breakdown of the most critical combos to keep in mind during each match.

- Try to use Mad Scientist's Deathrattle effect to put Secrets into play whenever it's possible to do so.

- Don't spend the last charge of your Eaglehorn Bow if you think there's a reasonable chance you can get a Secret off and replenish the weapon's Durability rating a little.

- Every Beast will boost up Kill Command, from the humble Webspinner to the mighty Savannah Highmane. Note that the ghostly spiders that hatch from Haunted Creeper will not empower the spell though.

- Undertaker gets a very welcome boost for every single Deathrattle minion that's played while it's out on the board. Do your trading maths carefully before committing to a play.

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