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The best Epic neutral cards in Hearthstone

The essential Epic cards you need to add to your collection.

For the average player with a limited amount of crafting dust to throw around, and a limited amount of time to actually invest into the game - it was already tricky to know which cards to prioritise crafting in Hearthstone. Then, along came the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion, increasing the overall card count by almost a third, and introducing a whole new batch of must-have cards. Where to start?

Those who play Arena predominantly won't have a problem prioritising their crafting picks, but what if you want to climb higher in Constructed? Now that things have settled down a little since the influx of new cards last month, we're able to highlight some of the most important neutral cards that every serious Hearthstone player should have in their arsenal. First up, we're taking a look at the five essential Epic cards you should really be saving your dust for.

Big Game Hunter

Hands-down the most important card for your constructed deck since the release of Goblins vs Gnomes. Everyone who can create Dr. Boom has created Dr. Boom, and you'll want a way of removing the main body of the threat asap. The good news is that you only really need to craft a single Big Game Hunter for your deck – just make sure you hold onto it until you have a worthy target in front of you, instead of playing it as a standard three-drop.

Faceless Manipulator

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Faceless Manipulator gives you the power to meet the threat of whatever your opponent happens to throw onto the board. Ragnaros? Nice, thanks – we'll take it. Don't be tempted to throw it out on just anything because you need a play, and don't forget about the Faceless Manipulator / Big Game Hunter combo if it's turn eight or later. Copy your opponent's minion, then throw down your removal minion – bonus points if you get a rage-quit out of it.

Sea Giant / Molten Giant / Mountain Giant

We're lumping all of those lovely Giants together into one big pile, as certain classes get a great deal more benefit out of them than others (we're looking at you, Warlocks). Each one of these cards has a different external factor to consider when putting them into play, so think carefully about the criteria involved when it comes to Mulliganing, as well as building your way towards the late-game.

Enhance-o Mechano

Not every class will get efficient use out of this card, but it's safe to say that Enhance-o Mechano is a must-have creatures for anyone who plays an aggressive deck that relies on fielding a larger number of small minions. If you can build up a furious fighting force in the opening few turns, and then drop this little robot on the board, you're in a great position to dominate the rest of the match. Not that Zoo Warlocks needed any help in this department.

Piloted Sky Golem

This is a super-powerful Mech card that not only puts a meaty minion onto the board, but follows up its own death by fielding another annoying minion. Just be aware that classes with hard removal spells (such as the Mage's Polymorph, or the Shaman's Hex) will be able to completely neutralise the threat the Golem represents. Try to bait those cards out with something else if you have a decent – yet somewhat weaker – threat to put into play.

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