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The best Rare neutral cards in Hearthstone

All the essential Rare cards for your collection.

Over the last week or so we've bought you our picks of what we consider to be the best Epic neutral cards in Hearthstone, and the best of the new neutral Legendary cards in Goblins vs Gnomes. There are plenty of Rare neutral cards that you should consider adding to your collection as well, and so today we're picking our best of the best of this class of neutral cards

As always, there are other cards we'd hate to lose from our arsenal, but these are the cards we think you should consider crafting before any others.

Argent Commander

Only the Argent Commander's relatively weak health pool prevents it from being considered nothing short of overpowered. The combination of both a protective bubble and the Charge mechanic grants this character a huge surprise factor that's very hard for an opponent to consider in advance. Play your cards right and it might even live to fight another minion.

Gadgetzan Auctioneer

The Gadgetzan Auctioneer arguably had its glory days back when the Miracle Rogue was enjoying dominance in Ranked play. Those days may be behind us to a degree, but this is still an extremely useful card to have in your arsenal, particularly if you like to play with spell-heavy characters. If you lack the ability to stealth the Auctioneer, try to play it alongside cheap spells to ensure it lives to deliver value.

Azure Drake

The Azure Drake is useful for just about every class of Hero in Hearthstone, thanks to its extremely useful card-draw mechanic, not to mention its ability to boost the damage of even the weakest of damage spells. Druids in particular love to take advantage of the extra damage afforded to the secondary effect of Swipe, but all spellpower Heroes can get at least some measure of usefulness from this common creature.


The Sunwalker represents a particularly frustrating annoyance, thanks to its Taunt status and protective bubble that can typically take down at least a pair of enemy minions. The majority of Heroes with a damage-dealing special power will still have to sustain a little damage to chip that bubble off. Just watch out for any hard removal spells your opponent might be able to make use of, such as Hex or Polymorph.

Madder Bomber

This supercharged version of Mad Bomber may not be the most reliable fighter on the field, but if you get a little RNG good fortune on your side you should be able to knock some of the wind out of your opponent's fighting forces – not to mention their own health pool. Make sure you play this first if you have an empty board and intend to lay out more minions on your turn, unless you want the damage effect to land on minions like Acolyte of Pain of course.

Sludge Belcher

There are enough responses to Sludge Belcher to ensure that it's unlikely to be nerfed anytime soon, but this fat defensive minion represents a solid enough wall that it will severely knock the tempo out of any opponent's game-plan. Keep in mind that the likes of Polymorph and Hex can very efficiently remove both the threat and the annoyance factor of this commonly played creature.

Defender of Argus

The virtues of the Defender of Argus speak for themselves. Not only can it be used to put up a two-minion defensive wall, it'll even give them the stats to both hold back the enemy forces and dish out some seriously annoying damage.

Injured Blademaster

The Injured Blademaster is best suited to those who like playing Priest, so that the health penalty can be removed through healing nice and quickly. That's not to say it's not an extremely useful card for every Hero to have in their arsenal though, particularly if you can bring it up to full health using another minion or spell from your deck.

Knife Juggler

Those who favour extremely aggressive decks built around low-cost minions will always want to find room for Knife Juggler in their decks. That one point of damage for each minion summoned may not seem like much, but it can be the deciding factor in a mirror match. It's also great for chipping defensive bubbles off well-protected minions.

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