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The best Un'Goro Legendary cards

Our updated pick of the best Legendary cards from the Un'Goro expansion.

The Journey to Un'Goro expansion has been out for a couple of weeks now, and if you're wondering how the Legendary card roster is shaping up then there's plenty to mull over. Each class has received two Legendary cards in total - one a regular class-specific Legendary, the other from the Quest set. Then there's a further sprinkling of Legendaries across the Neutral class of cards as well.

In our guide to the best Journey to Un'Goro Legendary cards, we hope to shed a little light on those cards that we believe are going to have the biggest impact on the metagame going forwards. There are a few things we'd like to make really, really clear before we kick things off though, so read the following before getting stuck in:

  • Please don't craft anything with any dust you can't afford to lose. Time and time again cards get hyped before and just after the release of an expansion, and they just don't cut the mustard in the long run. Maybe they don't synergise quite as well with all those other cards, for example, or perhaps the meta ends up steamrolling the apparent benefits.
  • Following on from the above, this is an article that will evolve a great deal over time. We'll be tracking the metagame closely, and will update this list (with a note of any changes) in the weeks ahead. We'll do our best to help you get the most out of your precious crafting dust, but it's worth holding back a while before committing.
  • Certain cards that didn't make the cut the first time around may well end up squeaking through at some point. We think this represents a solid snapshot right now, but ultimately we want this to be the best resource for the community that it can be. That'll mean lots of updates.

With that out of the way, here's our first take on the best Journey to Un'goro Legendaries! We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments, and we'll take it all on board when we next update this article.

Note that we've listed these cards in order of approximate power ranking, based on their associated decks. Your preference for playing certain archetypes will have a natural impact on your crafting priorities here.

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6. Elise the TrailblazerControl Paladin | Handlock
5. Kalimos, Primal LordElemental Shaman
4. Sunkeeper TarimMidrange Paladin
3. Sherazin, Corpse FlowerMiracle Rogue
2. Fire Plume's HeartTaunt Warrior
1. The Caverns BelowQuest Rogue

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