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The Crucial P5 Plus 2TB is down to £163, a great price for a 6600MB/s SSD

Plus: a cheaper alternative that also comes with a heatsink.

The Crucial P5 Plus occupies a unique place in the SSD ecosystem, offering high-end PCIe 4.0 performance while costing less than commonly-cited alternatives like the WD SN850x and Samsung 990 Pro. Today the 2TB size of the drive is down to £163, a 34% reduction that makes it particularly tempting to pick up.

For reference, the Crucial P5 Plus is able to hit 6600MB/s for sequential reads and 5000MB/s for sequential writes, while in terms of random performance it's also quite high up the SSD totem pole: 720K IOPS for reads and 770K for writes. That's a bit behind the very top of the field, eg the fastest gaming SSDs are able to hit around 1000K IOPS (aka 1M IOPS), but it's close enough that you'll still be getting significantly better game load times than your average PCIe 3.0 or SATA SSD.

In terms of alternatives, there is a slightly cheaper option that should offer slightly better random performance and an integrated heatsink which is nice. It's the addlink Addgame A95, which is a silly name, but the performance is up to snuff. However, if you wanted to opt for a slightly better-known brand, then that would also make sense, both are great choices!

For my money, I'd go for the Crucial option, given that it's a "first-party" SSD produced by Micron, one of the biggest flash memory makers worldwide, but I can see the arguments either way.

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