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The Darkness vocalises its impending return to Destiny 2

Music of the Triangles

Always acting, but never quite seen. It seems one of Destiny 2's most elusive antagonists is preparing to finally play its hand. Lurking in the shadows of Bungie's space-knight loot shooter, The Darkness have finally put voice to their long-awaited return by broadcasting an ominous hum on the Destiny 2 Twitter account. Whether as another season or as the game's next expansion, it may soon be time to work out what, exactly, The Traveller's been running away from all this time.

I'll tell you what, though, Destiny's enigmatic geometry doesn't hold a candle against that other The Darkness. Lyrically speaking, at least.

The Darkness invasion was teased all the way back at the end of The Red War, Destiny 2's launch campaign. After bopping Cabal leader Gaul, the camera pulls right out to show a vast host of shadowy pyramids encroaching from the edge of space. Five years passed without sight or sound of The Darkness, until one of their menacing marble Toblerone pieces appeared buried under the lunar dust of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

Naturally, the theorists are out in full force to work out what this week's fuzzy audio might mean. There's a megathread over on Reddit if you want to follow along - so far, folks have tried tweaking the audio, comparing it to radio signals from our real-life Saturn, or else arranging the image bars by height and referring the 91 bars to biblical texts.

Wild speculation, for sure, but fun wild speculation.

Bringing The Darkness into play does, however, lend more credence of the rumours that Titan's golden-age arcologies are about to beef it - supposedly as a show of force from our angular friends. I wouldn't go so far as saying they've been confirmed, but as suspected, The Darkness is indeed ploughing its way through the solar system. If certain sea-borne shopping malls get smashed aside, so be it.

For now, there are more pressing concerns. Season Of The Worthy is close to wrapping up. With the pressing threat of a massive Cabal spaceship being tossed towards Earth, geometry-breaking time-travellers may have already glimpsed the finale's effects on a knackered-looking Tower. But Warmind Rasputin's bunkers are already tracking a vast mass of encroaching triangles (via this gif from Redditor SgtClassicVue).

Once this business with The Almighty is wrapped up, don't be surprised if Bungie decide it's time to turn off the lights.

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