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The Electronic Wireless Show episode 180: the best games to adapt into a TV show special

You say goodbye, I say Halo

This week, the Electronic Wireless Show podcast is talking about TV adaptations of video games, specifically the best games that would make for great telly box shows, rather than what's already been turned into visual screen fodder (*cough* Halo *cough*). Alice Bee is away this week, adapting to life in a brand-new country, leaving Nate and Matthew to dwell on the merits of The Mandalorian, and whether a show following the life of a Halo grunt would be better than big flashy Master Chief quips.

Matthew puts forward the idea of a Hitman TV show in the vein of Succession, focusing not on Agent 47, but the elite corporate villains he assassinates, as they deal with various cast members being offed in mysterious circumstances. Nate, meanwhile, wants to go all-in on a Dungeon Keeper sitcom, and The Office-like monster relationships therein.

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Music is by Jack de Quidt.

Music is by Jack de Quidt, who should defintely be commissioned to write the next big video game TV show theme tune.

Naturally, there's lots of talk about the Halo TV show, which is currently airing on Paramount+ for our friends in the US.

Hitman is discussed at great length as well. Which of its many assassination targets do you think would make for good TV villains?

Dungeon Keeper, by virtue of being a strategy game, doesn't really have a protagonist, but it does have lots of weird little monster minions who are clearly primed and ready for hot comedy antics.

Or perhaps SimCity would make for a good TV show setting. I hate to think what the citizens of a god game must think of their haphazard deity...

Then again, The actual Sims would probably make for a good Black Mirror episode.

Did you ever see the Warcraft movie? Terrible story, but at least the gryphons looked good...

Fable's fairytale world of Albion would be a good place to set a TV show. You've got big monsters, a cast of very grounded characters... and some classic comedy relief in the form of a strange man spoiling his pants in an attempt to impress a lady. TV gold, I tell you!

Speaking of comedy relief, you could probably make a The Secret of Monkey Island TV show without it devolving into a Pirates Of The Caribbean rip-off, right? Right!?

Recommendations this week are Station Eleven, a post-apocalyptic drama about a travelling Shakespeare group, and animated YouTube series Realms Of Fightinge.

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