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The Empire Of Sin trailer makes quite a racket

A criminal enterprise

The mob, for all their terrible, terrible crimes, are the perfect set-up for a tactical game. They have a structure, guns, and are in continual conflict with just about everyone, including themselves. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a game that’s done the organisation justice (that’s for the police to do, aha!) from a top-down level, but with Empire Of Sin on the horizon that could change.

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The pedigree of Paradox and Romero Games is promising. The game is based on Chicago’s 1920’s criminal underbelly. It’s a very hands-on activity, where you can put on a bullet-proof fedora and hit the streets with a Tommy gun as Al Capone (or another of the 14 bosses) building an empire that challenges the entire city. Police are bought, booze is sold, and if it comes to it, you can don a fedora and swoop into the streets for a good old-fashioned shootout.

Though everything starts off randomised, and no two games will be the same, it’s all based on a bunch of real-life chancers and real-world hangouts that people who watched The Untouchables would know. It comes with a level of authenticity that should make for some fascinating alternate-reality crime tales. You might not fancy playing a Don as anything other than a complete psychopath, sending a tight-knit pride of goons into battle with the goal of complete annihilation. I wouldn't judge you for doing so, but I'd hope to get by with some wit and bribery.

They’re looking at spring 2020 for release, assuming no-one’s locked up for tax evasion before then.

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