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The Fallout Miami mod is looking hot in this new trailer

Lovely flora, dangerous fauna

These ghouls certainly don't need any more sun, but perhaps your Vault 111 escapee could use a bit of heat to even out those dweller tan lines. Biggo modding project Fallout Miami recently put out a new trailer for their "DLC-sized" addition to Fallout 4 showing some of the toasty new locales you'll be able to explore when it launches.

Here's the jaunty new trailer that walks you through some of the sunny and spooky environments that the Fallout Miami team have created for the mod.

There are beaches peppered with palm trees and tattered umbrellas going totally unappreciated by the swimwear-clad feral ghouls milling about. There are what appear to be skyscraper hotels, reclaimed shopping malls, an irradiated swamp, and—oh dear is that a bipedal alligator? Or is it a crocodile? Neither is good. You can also spot the quad-barrel shotgun that the modding team for the project have released as a standalone mod ahead of the full project release.

Fallout Miami has been in the works for several years now. The creators say it's a totally new area with its own main questline and side quests revolving around new factions called the Nuclear Patriots and Sunshine Cove slavers. Sounds like the Enclave will have a presence in the story as well. You can read a bit more about the project on the Fallout Miami site.

The modding team have yet to announce a release date for the project but hey, it's looking great. You can't get your hands on the final version yet, but you can try out the early version of Fallout Miami released by the modder who originally kicked off the project. It's not representative of the mod's current state, but is the first environment that inspired the full, bigger project.

In related news, Microsoft are buying Bethesda and their parent company ZeniMax Media. Here's hoping that the sun keeps on shining on the huge, impressive mods for Fallout 4 and other Bethesda games that I've grown accustomed to.

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