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The Fallout TV show already has a second season in the works, it seems

Could it focus on the New California Republic?

Ella Purnell as vault dweller Lucy in the Fallout TV show
Image credit: Amazon

Amazon’s Fallout TV series is yet to even premiere - it hits Prime Video later this week, on April 11th - but it already looks set to follow The Last of Us in being the next big-budget post-apocalyptic video game adaptation with a second season in development.

That’s going by news from Variety, who report that the California Film Commission has handed over $150 million in tax incentives to a dozen television shows set to film in the sunny state. Among the shows is Fallout’s second season, which apparently has the biggest budget of the lot at $153 million - earning it a sweet $25m tax break.

The first season of Fallout, which stars some high-profile names with the likes of Kyle MacLachlan, Walton Goggins and a robot voiced by Matt Berry, and was produced by Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan (who also co-wrote The Dark Knight and more of brother Chris Nolan’s movies) and Lisa Joy, was filmed predominantly in New York, with some extra scenes shot in Utah and other places.

The Brotherhood of Steel as seen in Amazon's Fallout TV adaptation.
Image credit: Amazon

Could the move to California hint at the direction of a second season of Fallout? After all, Fallout’s New California Republic is right there, and already due to make some kind of appearance in the first season. We’ll presumably find out in time, although obviously where the series is shot may not have any actual bearing on its fictional world - the first season’s Vault 33 is based in what’s left of Los Angeles. (And, as Variety notes, getting tax cuts in a state doesn’t tie a show to actually filming there.)

Anyway, before then, we’ll all have to see how that first season goes down. It looks pretty good so far, though.

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