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The Fog Fall

I've long been a fan of Mateusz Skutnik's Flash adventures, so it's always splendid news when a new one appears. The latest from his mini team at Pastel Games is The Fog Fall, which you can handily play after the jump. Or by downloading it from here.

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I'm a bit disappointed that another series seems to have been started, rather than a follow-up to last year's Daymare Town. I'm also fractionally disappointed that The Fog Fall does nothing especially original, but rather goes through the Skutnik motions. They're still lovely motions, and the inventory puzzles are infinitely more rewarding than anything in any professional modern adventures, but this does eventually descend into tapping in the numbers you've seen on walls into keypads around the building. As ever, it looks just completely lovely. It's scratchy Flash sketches are especially evocative, and this is the least fiddly of all his games when it comes to finding hotspots. If the ending's an ending, it goes completely over my head - I'm assuming this is the start of another run, although one that seems remarkably similar to the end of Submachine's series.

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