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The Gloves Are, Er, On: Singularity Trailers

I have this glove that can manipulate objects through time. So I've been excited to follow the progress of Singularity, a game that I can identify with. However, now they've revealed that the glove in the game can also fire giant bursts of "Impulse Power", which makes mine look like last year's iPhone. It can also fire time bubbles to trap your enemies. I could do with one of those after yesterday. You can watch the glove-based action below. Along with a few other bits and pieces about the glove that have appeared in the last couple of weeks. It's set for release at the end of next month, but I could of course just get a copy whenever I wanted by reaching into the future and grabbing it. I don't, because of embargoes.

Here's the Impulse Power being shown off. It looks extremely powerful, the sort of thing that surely will be restricted use. Imagine if it weren't, though! A game that let you feel powerful! Clearly no game will ever allow this, but I'm still allowed to dream.

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Here you can see the glove creating time bubbles, which trap enemies letting you make them eat bullet pasties humiliatingly slowly:

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And here it is doing what it does best: moving objects through time. I never thought of using mine to age humans into piles of goo:

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This was looking iffy for a while, although I've always maintained cherub-faced optimism, and these trailers give me a good buzz about it. So long as you are allowed to feel as powerful as they imply, rather than be given a version of the glove that barely functions until the final seconds of the game. Developers? Stop doing that.

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