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The Great Summoner guide

This week's feast of magical mayhem is live now.

There's a new Tavern Brawl available for Hearthstone - in Europe at least - and you'll be wanting to pack plenty of spells into whatever deck you choose to cook up for it. Here's our quick rundown of everything you can expect from this week's arcane showdown.

What's this week's Tavern Brawl?

The title of this week's Tavern Brawl is The Great Summoner. The flavour text for the event reads as follows:

"Summoners from across the world have come to compete. When you cast a spell, a random minion of the same cost is summoned for you."

What this means in practice is that you want a deck with plenty of spells under the hood - both direct damage and board-clear. Did someone say Mage?

The rewards for completing The Great Summoner

There's more good news for those looking to bulk out their card collection. Win a match during The Great Summoner event and you'll bag yourself a free Classic card pack. Not a bad result at all for winning what ultimately amounts to a single match.

Note that this is a one-time reward - once you've bagged it, that's it for the week. Fingers crossed this pattern continues for all future Tavern Brawls. It's a nice way for newer players to catch up without breaking the bank.

The Great Summoner tips and tricks

- Mages are great for this particular event, not least because their four-cost Fireballs pack plenty of punch by themselves - and four-Mana minions are typically the most value for their cost.

- Tempo Mage in particular seems particularly strong this week, as it's already bulked out with a solid selection of spells, as well as the ability to lock down the board from the very start.

- Another consideration for winning The Great Summoner might be to look at Freeze Mage. Note, however, that you'll lose whatever minion you summon for casting a spell to protect your Doomsayer.

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