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The legendary HyperX Cloud 2 gaming headset is down to $60 from HP after a $40 discount

Available in a beautiful white/pink colourway.

The super-comfy HyperX Cloud 2 gaming headset, beloved by esports pros and casual gamers alike, is going cheap at HP's US store. Today, you can pick up this legendary headset in a stylish pink/white colourway for $60 after a $40 drop.

This headset has been a staple of PC gaming for years, and though HyperX have released bigger and fancier headsets since then, the Cloud 2 remains a high point of the lineup. It's dead-simple: a comfortable fit, a decent (removable) mic, good balanced sound and a choice of 3.5mm or USB to suit a wide range of PCs and other platforms with no batteries, recharging, pairing or latency to worry about.

The metal forks and generally robust build quality are great for longevity, while the popularity and simplicity of the design means after-market mods and accessories are widely available - so if you fancy different earcups or a detachable cable, you can make it happen!

A good friend of mine used this very headset for years, and as far as I know she's still got it to this day, even after relocating to the other side of the world. (Hi Rosie!) In an environment of plentiful gaming headsets, that continued trust underlines the quality of this particular model.

Beyond me citing the testimony of someone you don't know, I might also mention the endorsement of Katharine, former Hardware Editor and current Global Overlord of these hallowed RPSian halls, via her review of the later wireless model which shares many of the wired model's favourable attributes.

If you've used the Cloud 2 - and odds are good that at least someone reading this has - then do chime in within the comments to let the rest of us know! Would you recommend this gaming headset over others? Or would you prefer something else? Do tell!

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