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The next League Of Legends champ is Lillia, a fae fawn

What an adorable little murderer!

The next wizard to join the the League Of Legends murderarena will be a "shy, clumsy, and self-conscious" deergirl named Lillia, the Bashful Bloom. Riot last night revealed Lillia, a jungler who'll twat enemies with a tree branch then lull them to sleep so she can harvest their dreams. A-adorable?

Let's run through her abilities. Her passive, Dream-Laden Bough, makes her abilities apply the Dream Dust debuff, dealing a portion of the target's max health as magic damage over time. Her Q, Blooming Blows, swings her branch in a circle to deal magic damage to near enemies and pure damage to father ones, as well as giving her stacking movement buffs for skill hits. Her W, Watch Out! Eep!, is an AoE slam with the branch with damage drop-off over distance. Her E, Swirlseed, is a projectile that deals magic damage and slows enemies, and will keep going until it hits terrain or an enemy. Then her Ultimate, Lilting Lullaby, slows enemies with Dream Dust until they fall asleep for a short while, and they take bonus damage if awakened by damage. So AoE, DoT, slows, and sleeps - a big toolbox of abilities.

Story-wise, Lillia is the daughter of the Dreaming Tree, which gathers humanity's dreams and grows them into blooms. Coming to know people through their dreams, she started to care for people, and then war came and ruined everything and off she went into the outside world to help people realise their dreams. By murdering them? I don't know.

"We knew we wanted Lillia to be cute from the very beginning, but a lot of League's traditionally 'cute' champions are secretly crazy," one Riot staffer said in a profile on her creation. "It's just an unfortunate reality of the champions in League. They have to kill people, so most of them are going to be a little bit unhinged."

She does seem a bit too much of a wide-eyed naif for a warrior in a murdertourney but hey, League's whole tone is weird to me.

Lillia is due to arrive in Patch 10.15. If you want, you can check her out on the test servers now.

First, Patch 10.14 has arrived. It brings buffs for Alistar, Karthus, Kha'zix, Riven, Sejuani, and Zed, along with nerfs for Ezreal, Pyke, Trundle, Varus, the newly-reworked Volibear, and Wukong. See the 10.14 patch notes for more.

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