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The Rotten Realms Of RPS: RPS Guild In Neverwinter

We did it! In what proved to be the most needlessly complicated process, RPS finally has a guild in Neverwinter: The Rotten Realms Of RPS. Right now, I'm in charge of it, which is a ridiculous situation. I've never even been in a guild before. So we'll be looking for volunteers to get it running smoothly, as well as finding out what the maximum number of members is far too soon, I imagine. Details below.

The guild is on the Dragon server, called The Rotten Realms Of RPS. To organise joining, I'm going to need some volunteers to become Horace's Hands within the guild and handle member invites, or I'll lose my mind. So to do that, there's a thread here on the RPS forums.

Once it's nice and busy, I'll appoint volunteers to properly run the guild, since I'm wholly unqualified, and we'll be away!

If you want to volunteer, please do so in the forum thread rather than in the comments below, or it'll be a terrible muddle. Let's go, hooray!

PS. It's no good mailing me in game to ask for an invite - the system is so horrible that it's not possible to right click on names from emails, and invites don't work offline. Whispering seems to be the only solution.

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