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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 37

Jim and John had stretched the elastic that joins them as far as it would reach, causing them to be flung back together, landing in front of a microphone. So a podcast was recorded. It's another Twitter-driven special, after last time's monster-stomach-set Twitter isolation. Discussed are matters of Neptune's Pride, procedural worlds, game pricing and gamepads.

Also raised are monk haircuts, how to trip up people who are running and listening, architectural design's influence on gaming, John's complete inability to listen to anything Jim's saying, X-COM's potential appeal to modern man, the confusing world of budget gaming, thoughts on Alpha Protocol and Global Agenda (which definitely aren't the same game no matter how hard John's brain claims otherwise), how Jim's scoring on Eurogamer has all been about crazed graffiti, and the role of the humble hit point.

If you're wondering what the creaking sounds are, it's Jim's robot legs.

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