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The RPS Game Club pick for April is Lethal Company!

Glory to The Company!

Screenshot of a Coilhead monster in Lethal Company.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Zeekerss

This month's RPS Game Club pick is Lethal Company, the indie co-op horror game where you must collect scrap for a mysterious Company or face the ultimate penalty... being fired.

Oh, and death.

For the observant readers out there, you'll notice that we've bumped Lethal Company up in the RPS Game Club calendar. Unfortunately, Ollie has been ill recently (get well soon Ollie!) so, you'll have to put up with me slightly earlier than planned.

The good news is that we'll be taking on Lethal Company, the meme-generating beast that took players by storm with its initial release in October 2023, reaching over 240, 000 players at its peak. So get ready to retire your chainsword from last month's Game Club pick and be ready for a lot of running, next to zero weapons or means to defend yourself, and a whole lotta trash.

Screenshot of teammates in Lethal Company.
Good teammates can mean life or death in Lethal Company. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Zeekerss

In Lethal Company you're a humble worker employed by a shady, enigmatic Company (with a capital C). Your job is simple: travel to distant moons, collect scrap, then return and literally feed it to the open mouth of the corporation in a way that our ever-hungry RPS Maw would be jealous of. The catch is, these worlds are populated by weird and wonderful monsters, most of which want to kill you - if The Company doesn't get you first.

The more profit you earn, the more equipment you can get to make your job easier. You'll also gain access to higher-level moons where the dangers are considerably ramped up, but so is the scrap value.

Screenshot of a Hoarding Bug in Lethal Company.
Behold, the majestic Hoarding Bug! | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Zeekerss

The game is still in early access, so expect the odd bug here and there (and I'm not talking about Hoarding Bugs, although they are adorable). You can pick it up for yourself for just £8.50/$10.78 on Steam.

I'll set the liveblog date and time for Friday 26th April, 4 PM GMT. I hope to see you there to share some silly moments we've experienced in the game or to share some existential thoughts about capitalism. Glory to the Company!

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