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The RTX 4070 Super is already below RRP in the UK - £539 vs £579

A great price for a powerful graphics card with DLSS 3.

zotac rtx 4070 super graphics card
Image credit: Zotac

The RTX 4070 Super is a rather good deal, offering a significant boost in gaming performance over the earlier RTX 4070 - in fact, it's closer to the 4070 Ti than the vanilla 4070. That makes it a great choice for gaming up to 4K, while costing just a bit over the £500 mark - £539 to be accurate after a £50 discount that puts it below the UK RRP of £579.

That price is for a relatively modest Zotac Twin Edge model which fits easily even into small form factor PC, but thanks to the efficiency of the Ada Lovelace architecture the card should still run quite cool and quiet.

Given that the RTX 4070 is going for around £516 at best, it's way better to pick up the 4070 Super as it's around 20% faster at 1440p or 4K, so paying an extra five percent for that extra performance is a great deal.

As well as offering good rasterised performance that compares well to AMD's Radeon RX 7800 XT - despite offering a smaller 12GB frame buffer versus the 16GB on the AMD card - the 4070 Super also has better upscaling and frame generation options in the form of DLSS 2 and DLSS 3 than AMD's FSR 2 or FSR 3 which has a similar performance-boosting effect but doesn't tend to look as good.

In any case, it's nice to see the RTX 4070 Super already dipping below its £579 UK RRP, and this is honestly a great pickup for £539 - even if you have to pay £4 shipping if you don't live close enough to collect from Overclocker's headquarters.

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