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The Sims 4 just added a massive 1200 new color swatches to 149 build items

The world is your rainbow

Oh rejoice, a Sims 4 update that's all for me. Maxis have just dropped a free update which they say their art team totally took over by whipping up around 1200 new color swatches for 149 different Buy and Build Mode objects. There are tons of new window drape colors, new countertop swatches, wood furniture choices, and even plants. That is a lot of new color choices for a lot of items and oh boy I will probably use them all. Fellow builders, this one is for us.

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"The Art Team's vision was to complement and enhance these assets so Simmers have more choices and have more use out of them. Also, why not?" Maxis say. Why not, indeed. The charms of Live Mode are forever foreign to me, the person who just builds and builds forever. I am entirely unacquainted with the trials of wrangling a Sim's mood but very, very in tune with the fact that sometimes you want to mix window styles and realize that you just can't find a wood color swatch that matches.

The whole boatload of new color options will, I hope, solve some of those little corners I find myself painted into. Several window designs have gotten additional wood color options, as have some other wood decor items. If nothing else, it includes a literal rainbow of solid color options for several different window curtain designs. Thank goodness, because the two-tone ones never seemed to be quite what I wanted.

Two sets of countertops have gotten new color choices too. In particular, the base game BlandCo Contemporary Counters have some new colourful and neutral choices. There's a black, white, and natural wood design in particular that looks like it was intended to match the slew of new shelving systems in the Dream Home Decorator Pack. Oh yes, I am happy to report that it does in fact match.

You can spot a few of the new additions in the screenshot up top there, but the entire list with images is over in Maxis's post. You can also get the details on the couple new outfits and hairstyles being added to the base game, also shown up top there.

By the by, Maxis also recently added nail art and other neat Live Mode additions in a Spa Day pack refresh.

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