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The Sims 4 Tiny Living pack will force you to build a house with only 100 tiles

Honey, I shrunk the house

Later this month you'll be able to build tiny houses in The Sims 4. Well, you've always been able to build tiny houses but now you'll be able to do so with fashionable tiny house items like a bookshelf which also has a TV on it and Murphy beds—which I've just learned is the proper name for those beds that pop out of walls.

Tiny Tiny Living Stuff Pack is coming out on January 21st with some specific new tiny house features. As in real life, a smaller house means smaller bills for your sims. Less like real life, the tighter space also gives a boost to blossoming relationships. I have lived in a dorm room with another human being and refute this premise. Your sims will also apparently get a bonus to their comfort stat from their smallish spaces.

With the Tiny Living pack installed, you'll be able to designate a lot as "Tiny Home Residential" which will restrict your home size to a meager 100 tiles. Or at least it sounds small. I challenged myself a while ago to build a house in The Sims for my partner and I with only our starting family budget of 22,000 Simoleons. Inadvertently, it seems I built a tiny house. After checking in on that property just now it appears to have a footprint of only 80 tiles even including our tiny back porch.

EA haven't said exactly how many new tiny items will be in Tiny Living but in the trailer above you can spot a couple different styles of Murphy bed, a very small writing desk, and what might be a tiny Jacuzzi bathtub? I honestly don't recall the fancy triangle bathtubs being 2x2 tiles so that might be a thing as well given how prominently it's featured in that tiny townhouse bathroom.

There's no price given just yet but Stuff Packs typically cost about £10/$10. The Tiny Living Stuff Pack won't be out until later this month on January 21st but The Sims 4 is currently 85% off on Origin if you'd like to build some exceptionally small houses the old-fashioned way before then.

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