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The Sims 4's fix for unexpectedly rude Sims has been delayed until December

They'll be rude jerks for a while longer

At this point, I'd consider the wacky bugs continually introduced to The Sims 4 as more of a feature than a bug. For example, a recent update turned previously placid Sims into moody, argumentative jerks who were constantly scrapping with one another. That sounds great to me, although if you disagree there's bad news. EA Maxis say that their fix, intended to release this past week, has been delayed until early December.

The Sims' Direct Communications Twitter account, an official game account that tweets about patches, announced the slip:

Sim behaviour is normally defined by the traits connected to them, which means you can normally set up your characters to be friendly, polite members of Sim society. As it is, even those with chill traits are acting like jerks - and often in ways that prevent players being able to reverse or stop the action before it happens.

The Sims 4 is no stranger to odd bugs, even this many years after release. Patches were released back in October to fix several werewolf related issues, and to once again kick the accidental incest can down the road.

I can understand, of course, why these sorts of bugs are endlessly frustrating for Simmers who use the game to roleplay and tell stories, rather than just building nice kitchens. The Sims 5 is in early development and hopefully it'll prove more robust.

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