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The Slightly Less Elderly Scrolls: Morrowind Overhaul 3.0

Truly impressive mod projects make me want to defy physics. For example, try as I might, I cannot - even with the assistance of a truly formidable thesaurus - recreate the pure magic of an authentic standing ovation in post form. And yet, that's what the legions of folks who've spent five years continuously tidying up each and every inch of Morrowind deserve. Meanwhile, Morrowind Overhaul 2.0 was quite the looker, but I want to frame Overhaul 3.0's trailer and hang in it on my wall - something that's also probably outside the orc-and-elf-free realm of possibility. Even bare walls and pin-drop silence, however, won't dampen my excitement for really pretty videogame snow. I mean, just look at that stuff. Well, go on now. Do it.

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So obviously, the mod compilation - which should be available any day now - is adding yet another shiny new coat of paint, but there's also quite a bit going on underneath the hood. Ease-of-use improvements, especially, sound wonderful.

"Among the new graphics, sounds and fixes there will be the easiest installer ever made for this package. The first version had a 40 pages installation guide, the second version’s guide was just 10 pages and the third one will have just one, and you don’t even have to read it!"

"MO comes with an handy auto-updater that will automatically download the latest mod updates for you. Despite what you think the Morrowind modding community is well alive and still makes a lot of mods!"

Odds are, it still won't knock Steam Workshop off its throne any time soon, but - as far as games that only have the option of fending for themselves go - this sounds vastly more convenient than most. On top of that, while this update's largely dedicated to graphics and sound, the Overhaul team's still ironing out the kinks on a "Game Experience" compilation as well. Perhaps someday in the far flung future, our children's children won't even be able to comprehend an existence in which Morrowind's combat is pretty much every flavor of terrible. They'll ask, "Grandpa inferior lifeform who's yet to evolve to a state of pure energy, why did you hate Cliff Racers so much?" And we'll ponder for a moment before smiling back and saying,"Oh, no reason."

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