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Oily Souls: The Surge launch announced for May 16th

Bash those bots!

Shamelessly Souls-y action-RPG The Surge [official site] will launch on May 16th, publishers Focus Home Interactive announced today. Our Adam recently played a preview chunk and quite enjoyed it, happily lopping limbs off robots to craft bigger limbswords. Sadly, while it does let you lop off a bot's chainsaw arm to craft your own chainarm, I don't believe it reaches ridiculous levels of e.g. ripping off and swinging a 30-metre diggerarm like in NieR: Automata. Ooh, aren't we serious! Still, The Surge does look like it could be fun.

At the preview event Adam attended, those gamesmen with their beards and plaid shirts kept calling it a sci-fi Dark Souls. Adam's preview responds:

"Fine. But is it a good sci-fi Dark Souls?

"Short answer: it's impossible to say. Slightly longer answer: the early section I played, for half an hour, is great, but without seeing how the game deals with level structure and enemy variety, it's tough to make a call one way or the other."

Read the rest for info on combat, limbcrafting, and world layout. The Surge isn't the first Souls-y game from developers Deck13, who in 2014 gave us the not-good Lords of the Fallen. Their second crack does seem to be shaping up better.

May 16th it is. Here's a lengthy gameplay video from earlier this month:

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