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Lords Of The Fallen Devs Show Off The Surge

Prepare to sci-fi

German studio Deck13 are mostly known for adventure games like Jack Keane but they've gone a bit biff-bow in recent years, most recently with Lords of the Fallen, a pretty bleh Dark Souls-inspired action-RPG. Well, they'll be biffing again next year with The Surge [official site], a sci-fi hack 'n' slash action-RPG which they're showing off now in a new 15-minute gameplay trailer. Observe:

For those who can't or won't watch, I'll recap a little. So! It's the dystopian near-future and your fella has started a new job and been fitted for his exosuit when oh no! something goes wrong and when he wakes up he has to kill all his co-workers because they've gone wonky.

What that means is third-person melee combat with dodging, different weapons, and targeting specific body parts to hit weak points or knock off and yoink the equipment on that part. It's stamina-based and does still look a little Souls-y. Supposedly the world is a bit Metroidvania-y, with new routes becoming available as you power up not to mention secrets and whatnot. Also, there's crafting, because I guess games are required to have it.

The dusty world and bland enemies shown in that demo vid don't really excite me but hey, it's an early demo build meant to show off low-level stuff. The full game is due some time in 2017.

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