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The Ten Hottest Robots In Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

It's getting hot out here

Gotcha. It's just a new trailer. Alongside a video of the upcoming Mass Effect spin-off, some footage for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare [official site] was also released during Sony’s dull as drapes news conference today. It shows a bunch of our friendly soldiers storming into an abandoned space facility where the sun outside burns at 900 degrees. It looks like it’s an asteroid mining complex. I can tell because of all the dissatisfied robot labourers.

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Spicy. It’s fun to see the two big military shooters diverge. Battlefield is going back to the shifting fronts and rabid horses of War 1, while CoD is shooting off in the opposite direction, to an interplanetary future where separatists are attacking Earth because they’re not friends anymore.

We’ve already seen that the multiplayer is going bonkers in terms of futurewar (not counting the requisite zombie mode which is set in the 80s) but this has given us yet another glimpse into the story mode, following trailers detailing battles on the streets of Geneva and ill-advised gunfights in space. We’ll probably have seen all the levels by the time the game is released on November 4.

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